HubSpot Ideas vs HubSpot Community

It looks like HubSpot is leaning towards using as a replacement for Is this the plan?


If so, how will the existing knowledge base be transfered over?


There's a ton of great suggestions on, many which are highly voted. It would be a shame for those to be lost in the switch.

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Hi @kbento excellent question, I am in fact in the process of communicating this upcoming change.


In answer to your query, yes - very soon will be sunsetted and the Ideas Exchange here on the HubSpot Community will be used and monitired as the official channel for product and feedback requests.


Regarding the change management process:

For each product category on, the Top 20 voted ideas that were still (New or Pending) were migrated here by our Product Management team. We were unable to carry over the votes but they have been internally recorded and will factor into the HubSpot Product's teams review. 


If there are any ideas in particular that you are concerned about then feel free to message me privately. I can assure the migration process was extensive, furthermore ideas that did not meet the criteria for migration have been exported for HubSpot's use, so nothing will be 'lost' per say. 

Let me know if I can answer any further questions on this. 







The new platform seems to be a solid improvement over the last & it's good to see the that content transfered as well.


Thank you for the swift and detailed response.

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 Are the old ideas still searchable? There were one or two I submitted that I'd like to re-submit here.