HubSpot - Google Drive (Shared Drives)

Currently, in HubSpot, we can upload files from Google Drive as attachments in the Deal Record.

However, users is not able to select Shared Drives in the Google Drive. It would be beneficial if there would be an improved functionality where user would be able to link their Shared Drive in Google Drive as well with HubSpot.


~submitting on behalf of Craig

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This was my original request. Thanks for adding.

Higher level versions of google drive gsuite use shared drives in addition to normal drive.

they offer a ton of additional features.

But hubspot does not currently see shared drives when adding files from google drive to hubspot.

This would be very advantageous to have.




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absolutely a m ust have - as our sales teams actually mainly have access to files through shared folders on G Suite Drives.  Hope this is implemented asap.