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HubSpot Chat - Directly engage leads without a hand-raise

It would be great to be able to directly engage leads through HubSpot chat without a lead having to engage with the chat widget first.


This would allow users to engage with warmer leads that have prior engagement by utilizing lead revisit notifications. 


Scenario: A lead hits your website and requested some content that signaled that they could be ready to buy. You follow up by calling and sending emails, but can never connect. One day you get a lead revisit notification and realize they are on your website. The chat functionality mentioned above would allow users to engage directly with that lead to answer questions, make sure they are taken care of, learn where they are at in the buyer's journey, etc. 


A provider called Drift has similar functionality, and I'd love to see this in HubSpot!

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Yep, I feel like workflows would be a great way for this to start..


It would be awesome if we are able to Live chat with website visitors (those that are in and not in our CRM) manually while the visitor is on the site through the Hubspot widget OR Inbox, like what Drift offers.


The goal would be to engage with leads from companies who are our ideal targets in real time, thereby increasing our odds of converting them to into SQLs. As well as, being able to answer any questions the lead may have around the particular topic they are researching on the website.


For instance, one of our ideal companies was coming to our site every month within a 6 months span and each time consuming 5 or 6 of our blogs at a time around the same topic but he/she didn't fill out a form submission. Clearly, they had a need but for whatever reason, he/she chose not to engage with our higher level content. It would have been great if we had the ability to start a real-time live conversation with that person and increase our level of engagement with him/her.


I would really like to be able to initiate a chat conversation with a customer in order to provide a better experience for our customers, especially when they start communicating with us via chat.


Often our customers write in to us with support issues and questions via chat. We want them to do this because it is efficient and in context! Great! BUT... Once I've created a ticket and closed the initial chat conversation, the only way to follow up with that person from the ticket is to send them an email. So then I have to change communication channels and use one that is not in context. Maybe when they see my reply, they're not in our app, so they may forget or not take action on the message I've sent.

It would provide our customers with a better experience if I could use the communication channel that they first used to contact us. Oftentimes this is chat, so we should be able to initiate an outbound chat. We switched from Intercom to use HubSpot, and this functionality (among others) is missing.




We're planning to switch from Intercom as well - and I'm looking for the ways to reach to our customers in-app via chat.

It works well in Intercom.


We want to switch as we're growing and we need better crm and ability to follow the whole customer's journey, but we're missing ability to reach customers in app on our own via chat. 


It would be great if I could proactively start a chat with leads on specific pages of our website without having their information. Some prospects really appreciate this engagement, and other chat tools do offer this capability.


This feature would be great. In app communication such as sending outbound posts or chats to help visitors with the info on the page they're viewing.