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HubSpot Apps Like Stripe Apps

Stripe just released Stripe apps that allow you to add UI elements to the Stripe dashboard. These UI elements allow you to perform actions without needing to leave Stripe. The example they gave was being able to chat with customers (via Intercom) when on their contact record.


HubSpot apps (in their current state) are pretty limited, sure you have the media bridge API, but you can't add or change anything in the HubSpot UI. I built a Chrome extension to extend the functionality for me and my team, but these suck because HubSpot changes things and all of the sudden it will just stop working.


You can see more information on Stripe Apps here:


HubSpot UI has been built primarily in React just like Stripe so this seems like something that can be implemented pretty seamlessly.

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Hey @CMcKay  thanks for sharing this!


I'd like to jump in here and share a new HubSpot app, Zaybra, that brings Stripe actions and reporting into HubSpot. Zaybra allows you to create Transactions, Payment Links, Refund Transactions, and pause subscriptions directly with a HubSpot Contacts profile. It also syncs Stripe subscriptions to HubSpot in the form of Custom Objects (Enterprise only) or Deals. This means you can create reports such as MRR, churn, and more in HubSpot. 


There's a bunch of other features so if you want to learn more click here.




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Hey Jonathan,


Thanks for pointing out Zaybra, but this isn't relevant to the idea I shared. I like Zaybra but it doesn't seem appropriate to shout it out in a context where it doesn't fit.


~Carter McKay