HubL variables for multiple footers (site_settings)


I'm using the Templates API to push templates to Hubspot from a third-party tool. My email template markup lives in this tool and includes HubL variables for the company info. I'm using the site_settings var as documented here:


This works as expected, but I now have multiple companies/footers and the site_settings var gets populated with the default footer/company (e.g. site_settings.company_name populates with "Company 1" where Company 1 is set as the default footer).


It would be helpful to use the HubL variables to pull in a different company/footer that isn't set to the default one. Something like


{{ site_settings.site_2.company_name }} 



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For anybody that comes across this issue - there's already a way to do this.


You can use the default site_settings tokens and then when you create your email in Hubspot you can go to the Settings tab > Advanced Settings and choose the Footer/Company you want to use.

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This would be so useful when creating footers / email templates for many different countries! Users wouldn't have to select the address manually each time but we could populate it directly in the custom footer.