HubL tag for logged in user

Is there a way we can get a HubL tag for a user logged into the portal versus one that is not? My idea is that you may want content to behave different to someone logged into the portal versus a normal user.


I'm defining logged in as a user that would see the HubSpot Tools Menu icon in the upper right corner.


Example: I have made a resources blog that links to a different page, rather than blog posts. However, for users of the portal, I'd like to link to the blog post itself to make it easier for them to edit the post from the tools menu.


It doesn't even have to be an actual tag, really. Just something defined in the developer info that you can look up as assign to a HubL variable would do the trick.

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HubL tag for logged in userHubSpot Product Team
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HubSpot Product Team
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