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HubDB rearrange order


We gathered our team members in a HubDB and have them displayed on our website. We would like to rearrange the order, e.g. make it alphabetical or change it from time to time. 


Is there a possibility? 

Thanks, Rahel

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This would be awesome!

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you can do it with thi syntax:

{% set queryparam = "&orderBy=-name_of_your_column_where_is_the_name_of_team_member" %}

note that after = there is a - (minus) character and this is to display the team in descending order (from Z -to A) but if you want the order with ascending order then delete le - (minus) character


Giovanni Zuanon


I agree this functunality seems crucial! @giozua I tried your suggestion but it doesn't seem to be working.

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This is an example that I've do

and this is the initial query param of this example

{% set queryparam = "&orderBy=-data_evento" %}

In this case the data_evento is a date type field and the events are ordered by data_evento in descending order



Thanks @giozua looks like it works with dates no problem! I am trying to get the composers here on this page to show up alphabetically by last name. I have a column in the database that just has their last names in there named "composer_last_name" so I have put  {% set queryparam = "&orderBy=composer_last_name" %} but I am wondering if this just isn't possible for text yet.


@giozua, @Rahel, @arinker,


I found a solution by using this documentation under 'sort'!


123456 = your table number

composer_last_name = the column by which you want to sort with


{% set table = hubdb_table_rows(123456, queryparam)%}
{% set queryparam = hubdb_table_rows(123456, queryparam) %}

<div class="dynamic-info  row-fluid">{% if dynamic_page_hubdb_row %}        
  <span class="span5"><img src="{{ dynamic_page_hubdb_row.composer_image_url }}" /></span>
              <span class="span7">
           {{ dynamic_page_hubdb_row.composer_bio }} </span>
            <div class="clear-both"></div>
{% elif dynamic_page_hubdb_table_id %}
            {% for row in hubdb_table_rows(dynamic_page_hubdb_table_id)|sort(False, False, 'composer_last_name') %}
                <li><a href="{{ request.path }}/{{ row.hs_path }}">{{ row.hs_name }}</a></li>                
            {% endfor %}
{% endif %}

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I still think it would be more user friendly to be able to edit a Hub DB from the admin side and drag rows around to the correct order I want. I think Hubspot strives to allow users to manipulate their websites without the need for advanced coding. This is a place where this could be improved.


@Crystal_Hopper we've been using hubDB for some time now and I (and my web developer) could swear that this was possible at one point in time. I've reached out to HS support, but they find no record of it. We really need this drag & drop sorting solution, so that we don't need a developer to help with a simple sort that isn't e.g. alphatbetical or using some other value. 

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@Qt I would have once sworn that I could drag/drop rearrange the DB tables right in the UI also. 🙂 But export to CSV, clear the DB, rearrange data in CVS, and import back to DB, is the only way I seem to be able to make things behave currently. Thank you for lending your voice to the conversation. If we get enough people in here, maybe it'll get fixed.


@Crystal_Hopper , it's comforting to hear I'm not loosing my mind 😉 and others remember having such funcitonality in the hubDB UI at some point in time.  HS Support @NiallByrne  couldn't find any HS developer there that recalls this. I really hope too that HS product management will consider prioritizing development for this. 


I second @Crystal_Hopper suggestion. I wish there was a simpler way to re-order the HubDB records within admin without having to export, re-order in a spreadsheet, and re-upload. If data is always changing in those tables, this is not a scalable solution.

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This would be beyond amazing if we can get this feature 🙂


Unbelieveable. I mean, if you have more than even a dozen records/rows, HubDB tables are hard to manage/edit. We just redesigned our site to use HubDB for event listings and our resource page. It's incredibly time consuming to manage.


Please HubSpot, update the functionality of the HubDB editor!


- Drag & Drop Sorting

- Filter by Column

- Search within Table


Totally agree. This functionality is a basic requirement and available on most CMS platforms. HubDB requires a re-design to update the UX. 

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We have 11 different HubDB tables that feed data to our website and an external XML feed - yes, it is frustrating that you can't control the order in HubDB and the "spreadsheet" like functionality is very much needed (sort, filter, search, etc.), but when you feed the info to your website, the developer can create rules for the order in which the data outputs on your site. None of ours use the default order from the HubDB table, all are controlled by other mechanisms (price low to high, date, alphabetical, etc.) and none are very time consuming to maintain, they are all data points already used.

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@Anonymous What kind of rules are you using for the output? 

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@Dan_sPeng I honestly don't know, we hired a HubSpot Partner to develop the feed and they were able to set parameters for how it displays. PM me if you'd like to reach out to them to see if they could point you in the right direction.


Big thumbs up to this idea. We use HubDB for a lot of things, but one of them is serving up an index of resources like guides, webinars, and case studies. We've had to create a convoluted numbering system that involves exporting the DB into Excel, manually reordering items, and reimporting into HubDB whenever we want to move content up or down the page. As our Hubspot website dev, I get this complaint a lot.


A very simple feature which should be implemented as soon as possible. The only way to fix ordering in a table is to remove data and re-enter that data from scracth. Exporting and importing tables would take the user a lot of time. With this feature, the user is able to fix the order really easily and publish on the go.


Drag and Drop sorting would be tremendous - desperate for this one!