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Features like serverless functions to consume APIs and quering HubDB in Hubl makes hubspot a CMS to build more interactive applications quickly than just marketing websites. But we see one limitation in our use case where we are storing certain information in HubDB and need that information for marketing automation but its not accessible in workflows or in custom reports. Do you all think it would be nicer to have HubDB data made available in workflows and custom reports to create more customized experience for users?

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I agree.  As a Marketing/Sales Operations professional, I see so much potential for using HubDB for operational uses, such as referencing a look-up table in automation for controlling certain data mappings -- one example would be using a HubDB table to define Sales Territory Assignments for routing workflows, rather than building this out in workflow branches that are harder to maintain and review.

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This is an concept I'd very much like to see  - perhaps as an option related to Operations Hub. The feature I really want is to use a Workflow step to set a value in a property through a HubDB table lookup.


For example: Set Property B via lookup of Property A in specific HubDB table


Seems like a fairly straightforward idea doesn't it?

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This would work great for us and for our clients - seems like a good direction to go forward with!


The worst mistake CRM users make is using custom properties to store data as then you end up with thousands of fields that are used by the system and don't benefit the user. This is where HubDB could come in, and remove the 'clutter of a thousand fields' but allowing users to store data in a relational data store and produce reports/workflows of the back of this.


I also agree with this. We are working on creating a community of trainers and we need to be able to expose their contact information on our website as we have more sign up. Right now we collect this information via form that fills contact properties, but since those cannot be placed on a public page we are using a HubDB table to fill in the information about our member trainers. That table must be manually updated when we have new trainers, and it would be nice to have a workflow fill in the table fields instead.


Sounds great to me.

In my use case, i want to activate a workflow, if a hubdb is updated.

So I manually edit the table fields, after I klick on update now, that would trigger a workflow, where an email (only personalized with name) to the custoumer is send, to ask them to login in the hubspot cms site. ( I integrate the hubdb table in a dynamic page)

I vote for this feature 😉


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On an adjacent note, I would love to be able to add/update rows with workflows as well. Currently we have a mini user portal where people can login and update their company profile. These companies each have entries in hubDB that create public facing profile pages. They are just venders that the main company works with, So we don't really want to give them access to hubspot, or any of the other dealers. Currently we are setting up automatic updates using the API and an additional server, however it would be nice to have it all contained in hubspot.

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This is a great idea and I just came across a use case for this today. What @SteveHTM said earlier in this thread:

Set Property B via lookup of Property A in specific HubDB table.


Please make HubDB data available in workflows and custom reports 😎


Yes please to this. So many use cases in our daily Hubspot operations could benefit from this.