HubDB: allow custom times in "Date and Time" property

My idea


I suggest that the "Date and Time" property be upgraded to either:

  1. accept a custom time value input by the user (with validation to ensure it is in the proper time format). 
  2. OR be configurable to offer selectable times in 1 minute increments instead of 30 minute increments.

Who is this for?


This idea will benefit anyone using HubDB tables to develop web content based on configurable times and dates.


What problem does this idea fix?


In HubDB tables, the "Date and Time" property is limited to times in 30 minute increments.

Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 14.32.55.png















The drop-down menu has values starting at 12:00AM, then 12:30AM, then 1:00AM, then 1:30AM, and so on. The user cannot select or input any other time.


This is inflexible and renders the "Date and Time" property unworkable for developing things like agendas where sessions have start times and end times that don't match the 30 minute increments.


A more flexible "Date and Time" property would fix this problem.


Examples of this solution elsewhere


HubSpot already uses a Date and Time select property for blog post publishing and email sending based on 1 minute time increments. 


Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 14.35.00.png


What value will this add?


Anyone using HubDB tables to develop web content based on configurable times and dates will have greater flexibility. In particular, it will be possible to use HubDB to create agenda for events and webinars where start times and end times can be at any time and not only at 30 minute increments.


Fixing the "Date and Time" property is better than using a single-line text field to accommodate any custom time value, because the "Date and Time" property is based on a formal timestamp and can be used more reliably to sort items by date and time and to display a time in a consistent format.

HubSpot updates
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HubSpot's new fields in custom modules include a Date and Time field with user-configurable time increments:


If HubSpot can address the issue of time increments in custom module development, I hope they can do it in HubDB tables too.

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This has now been fixed.