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HuBL Certification

I think it would be really helpful for first-time HubSpot users (specifically the content team) to have a video tutorial/crash course in HubL in the HubSpot Academy (maybe just fleshing this out more in the existing design certification).


I did find the intro to HubL (http://designers.hubspot.com/docs/hubl/intro-to-hubl) but as someone without a vast knowledge of code I'm struggling to wrap my head around it. I have had to send most of my queries to support/developer's forum so far - but I would really love to learn how to do it myself. 


I'm a journalist trying to make edits to the look and feel of our blog template. I have a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS but no knowledge of JavaScript or other object oriented code. We don't have a developer in house, so it would be of great value to learn to do these things myself.

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Inbound Professor
Inbound Professor

Thanks for the feedback, @LaurenLokker! I've sent you an email, and hopefully we'll be able to discuss in further detail!

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This is Medhavi and need help regarding the HUBL. I want to convert the HUBL to HTML code to where I can edit in my knowledge of HTML code. But I am not able to locate and remove or edit in the HUBL code and could not make changes in the live webpage. 


So mainly important questions:

1.) Where do I find the HUBL conversion to HTML and how will I know whether its the right comparison between the two programming language?

2.) Secondly, will it automatically change when the webpage/website is uploaded on the site? 


Please let me know how does it all work out. 


Look forward to an exciting and tough hubspot software. 


Thank you,