How to make Workflows easier to edit


I have a suggestion for making workflows easier to edit. Once a workflow is created, it would be great to be able to cut, copy, and "drag & drop" items.

For example, I might want to create the same task to be repeated with a waiting period between each. This would allow me to copy the entire action ("create task") and paste it below the next waiting period. Or I might have similar needs after an If/Then split, with only minor differences. I could copy the Yes path to the No path and then make minor edits. Or I might decide that I want to change the order of activities. Then I could drag the boxes to different parts of the workflow to change the order. Much easier than recreating each one in a different place.

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The ability to drag and drop in the workflow editor would be HUGE. A guaranteed increase in performance for EVERYONE.

Please HS team, make that happen!

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I am also in favor of this idea. I'm currently building our SDR lead assignemnt which is based on state boundaries but the steps following are just copy/paste drag and drop and I can see where cloning this workflow and changing the order of items might be needed in the future where drag and drop of branches or single tasks would be amazing.

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We create workflows that have many if/then branches with the following yes/no paths being similar in nature.   A copy/paste function in the workflow will save us a lot of time and effort in building out these workflows.  Great idea and can't wait for it to happen!

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This would save me hours of needless manual effort!  Isn't that what a sales tool is supposed to do? Smiley Happy

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We just switched over from Active Campaign (and a bunch of other tools) to Hubspot and this feature is lacking yet needed! Come on Hubspot, you ain't  cheap, and this doesn't seem like an overly complicated function to build. 

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This could save so much time that we could use to focus on the nitty-gritty! Workflows are a powerful tool and eliminating the workarounds and/or redundancy would be a game-changer. 

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Hi Everyone,

An idea similar to this seems to be in planning.
While it doesnt ask for cloning per se, It does ask for branches to be reconnected to the main branch once an exception is dealt with - in most cases this would negate the need to clone branches over and over again - since this feature is in planning you could vote and request drag and drop + the branches connect to any section not just the main branch  

Vote here:


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This would save me hours!! We really need this!

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Yes please, this would add immense flexibility and increase productivity greatly! 

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agreeing to all the aforementioned. 


Any Update or Chance that someone from HubSpot is having this on their radar? 

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They did release this update quietly to help make workflows a bit easier:

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Marketing often involves trying something, modifying it, and trying again. It would be great to be able to drag items to differnet places in the workflow, as we go through iteraitons.

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As someone who is used to using Ontraport (which has this feature) I can't quite believe this isn't a feature of Hubspot. I think because of the cost I had the idea that Hubspot would do things at least as well as its competitors. It's frustrating to learn this isn't the case in so many areas of the system.