How to make Workflows easier to edit: Clone and move workflow actions


I have a suggestion for making workflows easier to edit. Once a workflow is created, it would be great to be able to cut, copy, and "drag & drop" items.

For example, I might want to create the same task to be repeated with a waiting period between each. This would allow me to copy the entire action ("create task") and paste it below the next waiting period. Or I might have similar needs after an If/Then split, with only minor differences. I could copy the Yes path to the No path and then make minor edits. Or I might decide that I want to change the order of activities. Then I could drag the boxes to different parts of the workflow to change the order. Much easier than recreating each one in a different place.

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Great feature so far. 


Is there the possibility or is it planned to clone and move subsequent actions in the future? 

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Hi @rwolupo 


Thanks for following up! Yes - we plan to soon start work on the addition of cloning and moving groups of actions all at once. Stay tuned!




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i'll love that. thx @MeganLegge 

Status updated to: Delivered
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Hi everyone,


Clone or move a workflow action is now live to all 😃

We plan to soon start work on the addition of cloning or moving groups of actions next. Keep an eye out for that one!