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How do you duplicate a Deal?

I have month-to-month contracts and would like to be able to duplicate a Deal so I don't have to enter the same info each month.

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Just adding my voice to this one in the affirmative.


If Zoho can do it with the click of a button, surely you can. Sounds like HS put it in the 'can't be arsed' basket to me.


(I notice that this issue was first raised in 2017 - 6 years to do nothing, nice one HubSpot).


Happy New Year,

Michael T


I want this feature to be real, and not an app from a thirds party. Please implement this on HubSpot, it's 2024 now and this will help a lot of people.


As a Website & Digital Marketing company, many of our deals have both a setup an monthly investment, which need to be tracked separately on a Company / Contact account.  Being able to "clone" or "duplicate" a deal, adjust what needs to be adjusted for the new deal and just saving is a big time saver.  I know this because we use that feature a lot in Salesforce.


It's bonkers this isn't functionality yet. Hubspot get on this. 


Hi all, here is a *** workaround *** to automate the process of manually copying deals.

To overcome this missing feature in HubSpot, I created a “clone deal” workflow to automate the duplication of a Deal. It took me around 20 minutes to get this set up and test it.


I first added a custom text property to Deal and use the value “Y” to trigger the Clone workflow. This field was added to a Deal list view which I use for the Cloning process. To trigger the workflow, I change the Clone Deal property to “Y” for each deal to be cloned in the list view, and click Save.


I then created a new workflow to triggers for each of the Deals when the trigger field is set to “Y”.

What the workflow does is to first reset the trigger field, and then simply automating the clone process by creating a new Deal and copying as many/relevant properties you need from the original Deal into the ned clone. Huge time-saver!

Deal name in the cloned Deal is prefixed with “Clone-” to make it easy to identify by filtering for manually adjusting necessary properties that are unique.


Please notify that the Clone seems to inherit a Deal:Deal relationship to its original deal. I have not been able to avoid that, but it has actually helped during debugging - and it can be removed manually.


I hope this helps some of you until HubSpot starts listening to their customers.



Still no solution for this from @hubspot ???  This should be a basic feature of editing a deal.  not a workaround or third-party plugin???


still nothing.....


Any updates to this most basic CRM feature? It boggles my mind a company this size does not have basic CRM functions available for it's users. 


I would also like the ability to duplicate deals.


I set up deals where my customer orders a certain amount when they are low on inventory. I wish I could return to the original deal and hit clone rather than inputing information for a new deal every time.

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Hey Everyone

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Many Thanks

Hi @esundance and HubSpot community! I guess, I know great solution to this issue...It's possible to duplicate Deals, and not only Deals, but also Contacts, Companies, Tickets etc. preserving all associations with CloneNer app. You can find it at HubSpot App marketplace and try 25 clones for free.


Best regards, guys!


Very hard to accept that HS does not understand deal cloning or copying to be a requirement. It is a glaring omission in the functionality that results in a  great deal of additional work where they have repeat business or project that get broken into a number of stages.



Great idea


I first commented on Oct 11th, 2023.    I still need this functionality.   I just manually created a long list of opportunities that are renewals for next year. 

Its inexplicable. Such an obvious requirement.


Yes please, I think it is a basic feature, it would be great to have it


This is still badly needed as a native function in HubSpot, both as an option to select within a deal as well as to make deals recurring on a regular basis (which is how our entire business is structured)


please, please, pease! I spend hours of my time copying deals and cloning articles. It is so time-consuming and error-prone. I find it unbelievable that such a basic functionality cannot be provided! The apps available as workarounds are not GDPR compliant in Europe and therefore cannot be used. This is very disappointing!


I just tried to do this a few minutes ago and was surprised to learn that it was not already a feature. 


We closed a small deal this week on the way to a larger deal that we exect to close next month so we needed all of the same contacts & activity history to be associated with the new mini deal that we closed. 


It would have been much nicer to clone the larger deal and rename it rather than having to manually copy & past things over.