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How do you duplicate a Deal?

I have month-to-month contracts and would like to be able to duplicate a Deal so I don't have to enter the same info each month.

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Hey there esundance, yes you can do this by setting up a workflow. If you do with a workflow, you just have to monitor a field on the Deal (so perhaps you have another workflow that sets a value in a certain field when the contract is up), and then the workflow action step can be to create a Deal.

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Hey @esundance unless you are also using Marketing Pro or Enterprise, @Trumeter's solution won't be available to you. 


At this time, Sales Pro does not allow you to duplicate deal records. 


Could you tell us what your use case is here? There might be a different approach to acheiving your goal. 


I have a use case for this - we establish 3 or 6 month contracts with our clients. Near the end of each contract we inquire about the possibility of extending for another 3 or 6 months. The new deal is almost identical to the old one (i.e. the description, contacts, etc, is pretty much the same) with the only real difference being a different close date.


So, it would be nice to be able to just take the current deal and hit a button to 'duplicate' it.




Hi @Anonymous,

I don't require long-term contracts so my work is on a month-to-month basis. Having the ability to just press a "Duplicate" button would be nice.

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Hey @A2Ben I'd definitely reccommend posting the above to the Ideas Exchange if you haven't already - this is something we can all then vote on 🙂


Will do. Thanks!


We'd also like this feature and/or be able to create a recurring deal each month

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Make sure to vote for the feature request in the Ideas Forum folks! @JOHL @esundance @A2Ben @Trumeter do either of you have a link to the ideas requst?


I've been unable to find this as a feature request but it seems as though load of us are struggling with the same issue.


we'd like to be able to:


1. duplicate/ clone a deal

2. create reoccuring deals


and some people would like to be able to;


3. split a deal eg: total annual deal value split into monthly deal amounts

4 create reoccuring deals with variable amounts


Would it be worth looking at how these are handled by an accountancy software such as Xero?


As a separate issue;


The deal function doesn't really fit into any SME's workflow because the actual payment of an invoice can only ever reconciled with accountancy software such as Quickbooks, Sage. Xero etc and there's no point in duplicating out workload by:


a. creating a deal in Hubspot

b. creating a deal in our accountancy software

c. when the money is paid into the business bank account we then have to manually go back into the deal in hubspot and mark as closed.

d. This becomes a pointless task when;

- we're having to do this every month on recurring deals

- the deal pipeline in the accountancy software automatically reconciles the money with the deal.




Not sure why this idea is marked as resolved, as workflows address recurring deals, but doesn't address the underlying ask here. You should be able to duplicate and/or clone a deal in your database. We often have customers who have large tranches of deals, (20+) that are almost identical in characteristics. We track them separately, as they would close separately. IT would save us a tremendous amount of time if you had the ability to duplicate/clone and then update accordingly. 

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If you are in the Deal, there is an Actions button with drop down arrow, yet no Clone feature so that you can then just change something like the date  


Why are the some of the most basic common sense features not standard in Hubspot??


I think I have a fairly good workaround.

Essentially I have created a workflow that generates a deal from a contact and copies across all the key fields (I obviously had to have duplicate field tpes in the contact and the deal).

When I need to duplicate the deal I just run the contact to deal workflow again.

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Thanks for sharing @JasonTisdall!


what happens there are multiple contacts stemming from the original deal?


This can duplicate the deal but it doesnt carry over all of the fields.  The most important to us would be the list of products and the associated pricing from one deal to the next.  We have a number of deals that are annual and it would be helpful to simply duplicate and make updates where needed.  Espcially when we often do 2-3 year contracts but still need to report the revenue annually.


I'm surprise as you that a basic 'duplicate' or 'clone' function isn't available for the Sales Team when creating 3 or 4 deals that are almost the same. In our case the Sales Team create 3 or 4 deals with the same company and aren't happy on populating 15 fields all over again and again. 

HubSpot support offer using a 3rd party application (revLABS) that adds a 'Duplicate Deal' button but when I click on it made buy a subscription to get working accross our organisation. 

I'm surprise this isn't a priority item for the Dev Team. We just moved from Salesforce to HubSpot and the Sales Team are screaming to see the 'clone' opportunity button we used to have in Salesforce.

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I'm looking for similar Clone functionality as you have in Salesforce too. This is a pretty common requirement in any CRM.


I'd like to be able to duplicate a Deal and at the same time select whether I wish to copy the Products attached to it too. In Salesforce you have a 'Clone with Products' and a 'Clone without Products' to achieve this. It would be great to have this capability in HubSpot too of course.

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Here is an answer!


We've built an app that duplicates a deal and brings any associations and all of the fields in just a couple of clicks.
Copying tickets and contacts coming shortly as well in v2.


Check out Clone Attack in the app store  -

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Thank you for sharing this with our Community @Daxchemist