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Host meeting link on custom domain without /meetings slug

Hi team, am filing this feature request on behalf of a customer.


It's great that we give customers the option to brand their meeting link by hosting it on a connected domain in their portal with these steps. This is in place of using the default domain.


However, selecting a custom domain means that all meeting links will begin with the /meetings slug included by default (likely so that customers can distinguish their landing page/blog URLs from their meeting link URLs).

custom domain meeting slug.png


This is unlike the behaviour with the HubSpot domain:

HubSpot domain for meetings.png


Use case: There might be scenarios where customers want full customisation over their meeting slugs, especially if they had connected a custom secondary subdomain purely for meeting links (e.g. Then it wouldn't make sense for meeting links to use the following URL structure: 


If possible, it would be a better end-user experience if we allow for either:

  • The connection of a custom domain just to host a content type of meeting links
  • The ability for customers to remove this /meetings slug entirely from their meeting settings if they want
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I just requested this feature, and was directed here to upvote. Please let me know if/when a beta version might roll out. Thank you!


I agree - I've setup a subdomain just for meetings so we can have a branded URL. But now our meeting links look like which looks a bit ridiculous.


Since our root domain isn't connected to the HubSpot CMS (which I'm guessing would allow you to just use /meetings/) we're unable to get rid of one of the repeated 'meeting' mentions in the URL.


Would be great to see this in place, hoping for an update by HubSpot.