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Host meeting link on custom domain without /meetings slug

Hi team, am filing this feature request on behalf of a customer.


It's great that we give customers the option to brand their meeting link by hosting it on a connected domain in their portal with these steps. This is in place of using the default domain.


However, selecting a custom domain means that all meeting links will begin with the /meetings slug included by default (likely so that customers can distinguish their landing page/blog URLs from their meeting link URLs).

custom domain meeting slug.png


This is unlike the behaviour with the HubSpot domain:

HubSpot domain for meetings.png


Use case: There might be scenarios where customers want full customisation over their meeting slugs, especially if they had connected a custom secondary subdomain purely for meeting links (e.g. Then it wouldn't make sense for meeting links to use the following URL structure: 


If possible, it would be a better end-user experience if we allow for either:

  • The connection of a custom domain just to host a content type of meeting links
  • The ability for customers to remove this /meetings slug entirely from their meeting settings if they want
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I just requested this feature, and was directed here to upvote. Please let me know if/when a beta version might roll out. Thank you!


I agree - I've setup a subdomain just for meetings so we can have a branded URL. But now our meeting links look like which looks a bit ridiculous.


Since our root domain isn't connected to the HubSpot CMS (which I'm guessing would allow you to just use /meetings/) we're unable to get rid of one of the repeated 'meeting' mentions in the URL.


Would be great to see this in place, hoping for an update by HubSpot.

HubSpot Employee

Another use case here:

Once the default meeting link has been changed, we are forced to have a slug after the updated namespace e.g. meetings/{custom namespace}/{additional slug}

This makes the URL very chunky; as such, we should be able to create a default meeting link without the additional slug e.g. meetings/ {custom namespace} 

Thank you!


I just came here to say a loud and resounding YES.




And to add to it: When you create group scheduling pages, the slug still contains the name of the person that created the group scheduling page. So we end up having something like:


This should really be /meetings/meet-the-group





Upvoted. HubSpot, please enable the links without slugs!


I've upvoted but I don't see this ever happening. First, the original request is almost two years old now with no comments from the product team. Much more importantly, though, it is not in HubSpot's best interests to implement this. The reason is because HubSpot uses Cloudflare Workers, and because of design, they need to reserve the namespace by appending /meetings/ to the slug.


What does that mean? It means that while HubSpot can control its own subdomains (e.g. adding because they own the domain, they have no way of controlling the subdomains of the custom domains that get created. If HubSpot allowed all of its customers to access its top-level domain, via not using a namespace reservation for /meetings/, then if my Meetings URL (Settings | Your Preferences | General | Meeings | Meetings URL) is set to something like test, the Cloudflare Workers making my Meetings URL as means HubSpot can never have a URL ever again. The only way they can do this is with a namespace reservation, by appending /meetings/ to the slug, so my Meetings URL would be


Again, the only reason something like works, is 1) no one else took "test" and 2) HubSpot controls its own subdomains.


To those above that are rightly complaining that having two meetings in the URL looks ridiculous, i.e., the solution is to change your custom domain. Use another name for the subdomain, e.g. something like Not using a subdomain like doesn't work, though you are free to give it a try. Select your domain at Settings | Tools | Website | Domains & URLs.


And, HubSpot really needs to update their documentation to specify that they append /meetings/ to the slug for custom domains.