Home page should load in users language automatically

HubSpot allows creating of multiple languages for the homepage, but in order for a user to see the homepage in their own language (based on their browser localle) they need to manually change to their own language via the "language switcher" 


This does not provide a great user experience, my idea is that HubSpot load the relevant language homepage based on users locale.


We have implemented a client side JavaScript redirect work-around for this, but requires default page to load first, which is sub-optimal user experience.

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I support this too. This is definitely a key requirement for multi-language sites, especially as most other web platforms offer browser-enabled language translation based on the users location. 

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+1, we thought this was already a capability of the HS platform when we signed on for some reason. Huge let down and I think we might have chosen to stay on WordPress had we thought otherwise.

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+1 !!!

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This would be great for us as well.

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We would like to have this feature as well. 

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Giving this a follow as this is indeed a very much needed key feature to have.
This switch btw is confusing af..


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I thought this was introduced already but apparently not.

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I thought it worked too but it doesnt Smiley Sad Much needed for us European companies.

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Much needed too!!

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+ 1


Any workaround? I only find the php code which hubspot doesn't support.

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Hubspot's answer when proposing a workaround by including a javascript solution (navigator.languages ? navigator.languages[0] : (navigator.language || navigator.userLanguage)):


It's not currently possible (or at least, not reliable) to include client side Javascript that detects a user's preferred language, since that information is primarily passed in the Accept-Language header.

Not reliable but better than nothing --> any idea where and how to use this?

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We really need this feature too, as the proposed solution is not reliable and creates a bad user experience. Don't understand why HubSpot isn't supporting this out of the box.

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 Definitely a function that should be there. I'm surprised that this is not a default thing in Hubspot.

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We absolutely need this feature as well (very disappointed that it doesn't exist yet...)

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Yes, definetly needed. Hoping that Hubpot will implement this soon.

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+1 Here too. Much needed for export-oriented European companies.

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Definitely need this a lot. We went to the trouble of creating local-language versions of our site for all locations where we maintain offices, including header and footer nav, and serving this versions automatically is an absolute must.