Hold/pause an object in a workflow delay until a condition is met (delay until an event happens)

Posting this on behalf of my customer! As my customer and I were discussing, we were thinking that it would be helpful to have some kind of workflow pause action. Similar to delay action which holds the objects at the delay step until set time, it'd be awesome if there is a pause trigger that would hold the object to the pause stage until the condition you set is met. With this functionality, you can set a pause trigger: Pause object to this stage until XYZ condition is met.


For example, you can set a pause trigger - Pause contact until contact opened (marketing email name). With this action, any contacts who meet this criteria will just go through the next steps of the workflow, and contacts who do not meet the criteria will stay in that stage until the condition is met. This would be very helpful for the customers who want to use workflows to send email drip campaigns with ultimate goal to have contacts take actions in a marketing email (clicking a CTA, filling out a hyperlinked form, and etc). 

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This would be a very helpful tool for us.  We currently have a several stage order follow up process that requires input for customers (who can certainly be unresponsive) and our team (who can be busy or travelling at times).  In order to accomplish this effect of evaluating a field for a specific criteria, we have to put in multiple if/then branches evaluating against the same criteria with time delays built in if not met.  This makes our workflows super complicated to understand and does not allow us to follow up with our customer in a timely matter.


This functionality should be available to be evaluated against for a timeframe as well.  IE if the criteria isn't met in 5 days, create a task to follow-up or any other action.


Please review this!!

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
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This proposed feature for a delay which waits until either an action is taken, or a maximum number of days has passed, is in planning Smiley Happy I'll update again when there's more information!

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Excited for this feature! Will save a lot of time

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
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Hi everyone,


We've just kicked off a beta for a new feature called a Delay until event happens delay, and we'd love to get it in your hands and get your feedback Smiley Very Happy


You’ll now be able to trigger subsequent workflow actions, as soon as key engagements like page views and form submissions happen, by using this new type of delay that waits until an interaction, instead of delaying for only a set amount of time.


  • In the workflows editor, choose the new delay "Delay until event happens"
  • Select a type of event (form submission or page view)
  • Create a filter for a specific event
  • Set a maximum amount of time to wait

The object will either proceed to the next action in the workflow when they complete the specified event or when the maximum wait time has passed.  In this first beta version, the available events are Page Views and Form Submissions. Additional event types will be coming later.


Please submit your email address and Hub ID via this form to request access, and please feel free to send me a direct message with any follow-up feedback about this new delay!





Example workflow leveraging a Wait Until delayExample workflow leveraging a Wait Until delay

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Hi all,


Reaching out with a beta update: "Property value changed" events are now available in this new delay feature.


For example, in a deal workflow, you could delay the deal within the workflow, until the deal's stage is set to a particular value.


property value changeproperty value change

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It would also be helpful just to have the option to turn a pause feature on/off. There are various reasons for a pause and some more specific than others, so yes to the triggers and also yes to a general off/on pause button. 

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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
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Hello everyone,


Thanks for all your input on this idea! Delay until event happens delays are now live to all customers. Read more about the feature here: https://knowledge.hubspot.com/workflows/use-delays


More event types will be added in the future, as this feature evolves. For example, we're currently working on adding the ability to delay until a task's status has changed. Follow along for that development here: https://community.hubspot.com/t5/HubSpot-Ideas/Workflow-delay-until-task-complete/idi-p/19246


Thank you!