Historical Performance Reporting - 'Time-machine like' feature for reports


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A lot of our clients (we're HubSpot partner agency), especially our C-level contacts request to see historical data / development of reports over time, instead of only analyzing the current data based on the parameter that are true at the time of the report being pulled.


In other words: Currently the report will only run the current data at this current time. But they want to compare how this data has evolved over time.



We want to see how the lead scoring developed over time (What was the score at Jan, Feb, Mar, ect)




How many users had that property X with value A at that time (even if they don't have it anymore now)




How was the conversion rate from SQL to Customer at Jan, Feb, Mar etc. - how is the conversion rate developing over time...


... and much more use cases.


Possible solution: 
Currently we pull automatically generated reports on a daily/monthly basis and compare them. Or we create multiple reports and copy data into new properties such as Q1-20, Q2-20 etc. 


But it would be much easier to have this data directly within the report. Either via a 'time-machine-like feature' where a can load a snapshot of a report on specific date. Or in another, more sophisticated way.


Any thoughts, inputs appreciated. I'm happy to provide more use cases.


Greets from Switzerland.


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I agree with Oliver's suggestion above. We would like to monitor progress on key metrics by seeing the trend of those metrics over a certain time period. Currently, we can only see certain metrics based on a contact's create date. A simple calendar to populate the x-axis would be a nice solution to fix this issue. This way we could see our email list sign-ups have been increasing/decreasing over the time period, rather than seeing ## of new contacts in January 2020 signed up for an email list.


Would be very helpfull if you can use Snapshot reportformat and can change value, e.g. instead of amount to forecast amount or what so ever. This to be able to monitor progress.


Really need this from HubSpot. If I can't track growth in general, the reports aren't very useful at all in their current state. We don't just need to see where we're at, we need to see where we've been.