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We need to look back at historical data and compare two points in time.


For example, I want to compare what our weighted revenue forecast was this week versus this time last month. As the data in this report is all live, it is constantly changing. 


There is no way currently to pull in this historical data and associate it with a report that contrasts these data points with one another so we are unable to compare and forecast. 

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Have you tried looking at some of the integrations in the app store here? - https://www.hubspot.com/integrations


I know QuarterOne (https://www.hubspot.com/integrations/quarterone) takes a copy of deal information every night or on demand and allows you to save "Baselines" (basically time stamped versions of the forecast) that can be compared at any time. 


There are also integrations that allow you to export periodic data to google sheets I beleive. 

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The limitation that HubSpot has, is that it can only generate a sales funnel report at the time it is generated by the user.  So for example, if in August 2019, you wanted to know what the funnel looked like on March 31st, 2019, there would be no way to go back and get that data view (I just confirmed with HubSpot this is the case).  As a workaround, one could create the report on 3/31, and then print to PDF and save it, but then you wouldn’t have the ability to easily compare how data had changed over time.


Based on this, I'm going through a manual process whereby at the end of each month, we generate the sales funnel snapshot, and then input the data points into a spreadsheet I created.  The xls provides us the ability to see how the sales pipeline for each region is growing over time, and how the size of each stage is changing over time. 


Would be great if HubSpot could support this - at least going back 12 months.