High-level landing page report

There currently does not appear to be a way to export high-level landing page data on page views and submissions for a landing page over time. This  is a very important feature that would be very useful to have.

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It is patently useless to look at the Marketing Dashboard, see that a portal's overall landing page stats are down and then be unable TO EASILY SEE WHERE THE PROBLEM IS.


In other words, we should be able to see which landing pages performances are down, steady, or improved, on the overall landing page analysis page. Merely showing us views, submissions and rate is useless without the context of time passing. We can't see the TREND of each landing page's performance on a single page. We have to visit each landing page individually and look at it. So we have no way to group and evaluate landing page trend data for a particular product, or campaign. I'd even take a danged spreadsheet of the data if you don't want to display it in HubSpot. But give us something!