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Hiding custom objects in the link structure || Use layering for custom objects

Hi there,


We would like to see the option to hide custom objects in the link structure contacts - custom object - {hidden}


This can be done by following the rules in the permission sets with an additional checkbox if the custom object should be hidden or not by those users that does not have access. 


Layering these custom objects would also be a perfect solution but has more development workload behind it (see screenshot attached) 

{custom object #1}  

    {custom object #1.1}  

    {custom object #1.2}

{custom object #2} 

{custom object #3} 


Associations with the main #1 custom object {root} would need to be mandatory as a ground rule.




This feature will add value to companies that work with customer- and partner sides at the same time, giving them the opportunity to structurize their CRM set up in a much cleaner way when it comes to the information flow between customer- and partner sides. 

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This is interesting for us as well! 


Yes please!


We could use this too.