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Hide tracking-note in logged email

Hi, I have turned off email tracking in the settings for the entire account.


I use the Hubspot Gmail extension. However, I regularly use bcc to send the emails to Hubspot for logging. 

Now, however, each logged email displays the following notice in a blue box: "No tracking data is available for this email. xxx has logged this email but has not tracked it. Learn more."


Can this notice be blanket hidden?

Due to internal regulations, email tracking is not compliant with our data process agreement as our internal departments might see a collision with GDPR here. 


However, when I turned off email tracking for each email individually, the above mentioned blue box appeared in Hubspot on top of every logged email. 

I thought when disabeling email tracking for the whole account, it might disappear; but it doesn't. 


Is that something you could disable in future (at least when tracking is turned off for the whole account)?