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Hide partner user name from client's CRM object's owner option

Currently, when partner is added to their client's account, parnter user's name appear as an option for CRM objects owner (eg: contact owner, deal owner, company owner and etc). 


Sometimes partner's user name populate above the actual account's users, so it takes few steps to look for the correct user name with in object owner property. 


Although there is no harm in terms of security, the UI makes it look like the partner can sneak into end user's contact record, so it would be great if we can hide or try not to populate third party user within the CRM object's owner name. 


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Participante | Parceiro Ouro

It is very frightening to see our staff at the top of the list of contact person options. The client is very confused by this specification. We demand immediate improvement.

Participante | Parceiro Diamante

+1, I think this has to be solved asap. Many customers complaining about this.