Hide locked modules in content editor

It makes no sense to me that locked modules are listed (shown) in the content editor. There should be an option to hide modules from the design manager, similar to how you can choose to make modules available or not in templates and pages.


See this image:

global-modules.pngLocked modules

This is poor UX. And it's confusing for content editors to see things they can't edit anyway Smiley Happy

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I agree. When the "Prevent editing in content editors" toggle was first introduced into the template editor, the modules you marked it true for would not show up in the module list in the page editor. At some point in the last year they changed this.


I have a template with like 50+ modules, most of which you can only edit at the template level. When I designed this template, those modules were hidden in the page editor which made for a straight-forward editing experience. However, now that they do show up, my template is a lot clunkier to use.