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Hide empty modules for smart content in drag and drop editor

 Would be great to be able to hide variations that does not have any content in them. For example, when contacts in one list should only see 3 content modules, and contacts in another list should see 5 content modules in a newsletter. Today it's possible to leave it empty, but it will create awkward spacing. 

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We have background-color in modules, so we have awkward spacing AND colored blocks shown for empty modules 😕


This would make smart content so much more useful!

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++  Also make the entire block smart not just the inner content 




Great idea. I would like to create one email and send it to a list of contacts but display some blocks of the email only to some of the users who are in a specific list.  +1


Similarly, I have a monthly roundup that I want to be personalized to user preference for content. The design of my email is impacted because I can't use buttons or color blocks.

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Same here, this comes up as a problem all the time.

Sometimes we have to make up some content just to fill the space as it can't be removed!

Come on HubSpot, make this happen.


Yes. This is needed. If in segment A show div, if not in segment A, don't show div.


Aligned with the above both on wishing that smart rules could apply to an entire section at once and the ability to delete a module without content. With HubSpot's focus on prioritizing segmentation, feels like a miss to require every recipient to get all modules in some form. 


Agree. We have different lists for different areas of interest, and I want to be able to show only the sections of the newsletter that fit the interests of the subscriber. It doesn't work to have to create unnecessary default variations for all 6 of them, or leave big white spaces. Or to just show ONE of the interests, even if you would be interested in all 6!


ActiveCampaign has the possibility to leave out whole sections whether the rules aren't met. Can you fix this ASAP?


+1 on this idea. We have started using smart modules to reduce the overall number of versions of emails, but when some content doesn't need to be used it creates a weird user experience to have such a large gap.


Yes! Our hope was to create a multiple checkbox property for the customers to choose all options they want to learn more about and create smart content to give the individual information about each. Unfortunately, HubSpot will only allow the first rule that the contact meets to be given. In turn, you have to create additional properties with additional rules as a work around and when not all rules are met you are served with big blanks space. Better options are needed.


Yes - emails with certain paragraphs that only appear to people who are on a certain list. Don't want to leave awkward coloured background gap for the default group who don't need to see that message


+1 I was looking at achieving the below but just realized that inability to hide the content based on e is a big roadblock in using a great feature.

If a visitor is unknown: show the form to download gated content

If a visitor is known: hide the form and instead show a C2A leading to the content directly


This would definitely be useful, and it's kind of how I expected it to work by default.


My team came up with a workaround to accomplish hiding empty default smart modules. We turned off the padding toggle so that all versions had no padding styled by HubSpot. We then went into the source code for each of the smart module versions for which we had content and added the padding to a div, for example: 

<div style="padding: 10px 20px;">




When we did this and ran a preview, we realized that the padding was what was being displayed for the modules when no content was included. If HubSpot allowed for different styles (aka the padding) for each version, this could've been a lot easier to accomplish. Everything's working as we'd hoped it would!



Would like to hide/show content based on persona/media.

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Interested in this too


Would be great to have this!

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Agree this would be a wonderful feature to have!


I was able to hide custom email modules by using the Boolean Field as a "Show Module" switch as a wrapper around all my HTML. So with the smart content, the default is set to hide the entire module and when enrolled in a list to show that particular module.


Would be great to have this! Even Mailchimp has a easier way to put intelligent content in your mail. You only add à code (merge tag) above and under the bloc or blocs with "IF xxx, OR xxx, IF end". I am suprised that it is not that easy in Hubspot.