Hide, delete and edit default HubSpot property fields

HubSpot offers a lot of default property fields, but not all of them are relevant and useful for all users when creating new contacts or editing/adding data on existing contacts.


There currently isn't a way to limit property access other than on an all-or-nothing scale. So the fields will have to all be visible. Also it's not possible to edit the names.


To make this more flexible and user friendly, I prefer HubSpot to add a possibility to hide, delete and edit the names of default HubSpot property fields for different user levels/groups. In this way we can better arrange showing only relevant fields to users, without confusing and bothering them with all kind of unnecessary fields. 


Please let me know your thoughts on this and support this idea when you also agree this is a 'need to have' addition.




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In terms of limiting the properties that are viewable, we're currently investigating using Deals and Deal properties as a means of segmenting information, so if this proves useful I'll add more detail.


In the meantime, last week there was a new release of the Contact layout that may prove helpful for your needs @kbarrera

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It must be possible to have a global change in the contact properties for a team

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We would like to delete contact properties created by hubspot for clarity
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It would be great to have the HubSpot default properties not already set up but at our disposal, perhaps shown in a section called "bank of default properties" and then with tickboxes, we chose which one we want or not (so it appears or not in our properties) and the properties shown are the properties we use only!

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This would be extremely helpful to us as well! Especially with existing fields like "Industry" - my company wants generalized buckets such as 'medical' or 'automotive' , rather than 100 different auto-filled options. Please look at this, HubSpot!

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Agree with the idea! Husbpot help us!

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Need this too!! It adds so much clutter and makes it harder to pull out relevant fields and information. Please add this ability to delete default fields. 

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Can this also be implemented for Company properties? So we can move default HubSpot properties to a custom created Property Group? 

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@Dylan can you share any documentation on how to regroup the HubSpot default properties,please. What you describe is currently not possible for me. When I click on a HubSpot deal property within Settings>Properties, I am only able to "View" not "Edit" and when I view and hover over the property group field, the Group field is greyed out and I see the message "This field is provided by HubSpot and cannot be edited or deleted".

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Hello -

This problem is overwhelming since most of the default fields are redundant and not relevant to my business. If we could re-name them I could use several of the default properties. However,  I'm willing to try the suggestion by Dylan the Hubspot Moderator just posted on 10/15/2019 to "re-group default HubSpot properties" into a new Group called "unused" BUT he did not explain HOW to do this. I tried and it was not obvious and I did a quick search. 


I'm a Realtor. Has anyone tried this?

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Hi HubSpot Community,

Thank you for your continued feedback and input on the Community. I'm excited to update this post to "delivered", as of today we have introduced the ability to regroup and delete HubSpot default properties. 

If you're interested in using this functionality - navigate to "properties" within settings. If you are a Super Admin you will see a toggle in the bottom left hand corner that will allow you to unlock the new experience. From there, you can select properties to delete and regroup. 


We'll have a more detailed product blog post coming soon, but I wanted to personally let all of you on the community know first!


As always, thank you for your continued feedback. Here on HubSpot Product we're always eager to improve your experience to help your business grow better! 


- Dylan Sellberg
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i need to hide the individual company delete option . Kindly help for that