Hide, delete and edit default HubSpot property fields

HubSpot offers a lot of default property fields, but not all of them are relevant and useful for all users when creating new contacts or editing/adding data on existing contacts.


There currently isn't a way to limit property access other than on an all-or-nothing scale. So the fields will have to all be visible. Also it's not possible to edit the names.


To make this more flexible and user friendly, I prefer HubSpot to add a possibility to hide, delete and edit the names of default HubSpot property fields for different user levels/groups. In this way we can better arrange showing only relevant fields to users, without confusing and bothering them with all kind of unnecessary fields. 


Please let me know your thoughts on this and support this idea when you also agree this is a 'need to have' addition.




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Similar but we would like to be able to add a custom field and then choose if someone has access to it I.E read only view.

There is information we store that we may not wish for a normal user to be allowed to edit as it could be tied to a workflow!

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Totally agree, along with being able to determine which users can see properties or properties groups to give added security to the data.

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Plus one for this idea. Maybe these fields can be part of a profile, and there can be multiple profiles with different amount and kinds of fields, so a user can choose it upon startup.

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I gave up on HubSpot CRM, I’m using ProsperWorks and it’s way better. 

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Hi - for some reason I can't upvote this. Several of our current clients want this ability (hide, edit and sort properties) to tailor the CRM to their industry jargon. Please add!

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I completely agree. Our sales teams find it incredibly frustrating to have so many fields on show (many of which aren't used nor relevant to their role). 

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Everyone seems to agree - including me.  Some of the default fields are worthless and the clutter created makes analysis more difficult than it should be.   What is Hubspot's view?  Is this an RFE tied to a release or in backlog??

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HubSpot Moderator

Hi HubSpot Community,

Thank you for your feedback on this issue! We're listening and I did want to reach out with an update here - we have enabled the ability to re-group default HubSpot properties. 


Now, you can greate a group titled, for example, "unused" and file your unused default HubSpot properties there. This should help provide you a cleaner properties experience. Thank you for your continued input! 



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Hi Dylan - thanks for moving this forward. I just tried moving a few unused properties and 90+% of them are locked by the system.  Is it possible to navigate around this?

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Is there any workaround to this yet? I just started onboarding and after convincing my team that this will be more user friendly than any other system they've tried, I'm having trouble setting up even a simplified view for them to see/enter just the basic contact information records without sifting through 50 fields that aren't relevant to them. I can't seem to move the default properties into a new group as suggested.