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it would be great to be able to hide the sidebar in Lists.


The sidebar takes up a lot of space (specially when working on a laptop). It also can't be resized and once the list is set up, it is usually not required to edit it's filters that often so it is just taking up workspace.

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HubSpot Employee

Writing this on behalf of customer: 
I would agree this this idea. If I could hide the side bar, I would be able to see contact proeprty information on one page without having to screoll to the right. I would appriciate if I could do this on the contact page as well. ( menu bar> contact) 

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That makes sense. This should be applied to several places in hubspot.


I think most hubspot developpers use huge monitors and don't know how it is to try to use the system on a small netbook while traveling.

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Let's go Hubspot! A few lines of CSS and Javascript can correct this need!

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@TWR_Alves yeah right? It's such a small tweak!