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Hidden Ticket Associations

Our business deals with Companies in complicated hierarchies with each other. Example: One parent company might have10 associated child companies. The contacts associated throughout this hierarchy often work for more than one of the companies, but for now can only be associated with one company.

Company Hierarchy.png


With that in mind, we came across a frustrating scenario when working with Tickets recently. When you create a Ticket, you select a Company and a Contact. Let's say I select EB Test Company 2. The Contact I select is associated with EB Test Company 3.

Ticket Initial.png


Once I make these associations, the Ticket will update to be associated with EB Test Company 3, but ONLY when the record is refreshed or closed and reopened. So our Support team operates under the assumption that the Company and Contact associations are as they initially set them up, but the next time they open the ticket the information is changed.

Ticket Refreshed.png


Firstly, we don't want that to automatically update like that. We selected the Company that should be associated with the Ticket intentionally. Secondly, EB Test Company 2 isn't actually removed from the Ticket. It's hidden. If you go to EB Test Company 2's record, the Ticket will still be shown in the associations. But since the Ticket can only display one Company, it will only show the most recent. If you remove the association to EB Test Company 3, EB Test Company 2 shows back up on the Ticket.

Ticket Association Removed.png


It's very confusing and difficult for our Support teams. We entered a ticket with HubSpot Support and were told this is as designed. We would like it so that the Ticket does not automatically associate the Contact's Company with it at the very least. Additionally, if the Ticket is technically capable of being associated with multiple Companies, then they should be visible on the Ticket itself.

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Very detailed - great idea on how it would be better.