Hidden Email Type

It would be useful to have the option to make certain email types hidden so that they don't confuse people who are resubscribing and see email types that are only intended to be used internally.


Not having this option is a bit awkward, because you need to name your internal email types something that won't confuse your resubscribers, plus it discourages you from effectively segmenting your internal emails because if you do, you overload resubscribers with email type options.

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Exactly the problem we've been discussing for some time now.



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Yes, I need this option as well!

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I have emails that are meant for customers only. These emails contain proprietary information that should not be shared with the general public. I have an email type for customer emails, but I don't want non-customers to be able to opt-in to these emails from the subscriber options page. We should be able to hide an email type in cases like this.

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I would also like to see this done! 

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Is this feature there yet? I want this feature so bad. We have multiple email subsriptions that are meant for internal people only and they would confuse actual subscribers. 

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Urgently needed!