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Hello HubSpot: Stating the obvious? Able to contact a company without putting a contact and more!

Hello HubSpot product team. 

We understand that you can not do everything. But at the same time do we really need to add in the forum something that should be self-explanatory and obvious and wait for a year until is developed. 

Let me give you some examples.

  1. Be able to contact a company without putting a contact. This post is there for a year and still is not done. 

  2.  Multi-language support for email subscription pages.  This is not just a request from us as users and clients. This is actually becoming a law. 

  3. Or my favorite.. been able to see only my templates or only my forms or only my pages or only my email templates.....etc.. tec.. How obvious is that a user should be able to see his own staff before he is spammed and burry in things that other users are creating. 

My point is that if you do not complete things that are obvious and self-explanatory adding new sexy features will not help us much.


Have a great weekend. 


PS. Let's see if anyone from HubSpot read this.


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would be great if I could the filter created by me to my default view as it is available to other filter options e.g. in the company view 🙂


It would be great - and, at the minimum, professional if HubSpot could make concerted efforts to expedite their reviews and actions of requests and recommendations to benefit us as customers. These requests, for example, clearly strike me as essentials / fundamentals for action. Surely? If HubSpot can't respond to its own customers' requests, etc., in a timely fashion, then what hope is there? Here's hoping for real change in HubSpot achieving fast turnaround times and timely action for customers of their software. Cheers.


I find the idea very good! Especially the  Multi-language support for email subscription pages.   Is something that will be very useful for several reasons! I hope this time HubSpot will act that way in order to make our work easier and better by continuing using it.  


Multi-language support for email subscription pages is a must.


I agree with you fully @Emmanouil, but combining 3 issues into one ticket won't help. My biggest concern is that they haven't even marked the call companies without an associated contact as in planning or anything. Super frustrating that Hubspot does not play nice at all with outbound sales. 


Agreed, I'm ready to dump Hubspot altogether. I really don't like the enforcement of their ideology through pricing with $.10/contact each month on the marketing side and being forced to pay for fake contacts on the sales side just to call companies. It is inflating the costs. When did the forget that our experience is what matters?


@ngurney agree. Lets keep this a single issue. Let us call companies without a contact!


So how do we get Hubspot to listen? I already spoke with my account rep who, in so many words, said, "too bad for you".


Furthermore, now there are how many ideas posted for this topic??? we need to be able to consolidate into 1 so our upvotes get seen.


 That is a feature we would really need. Multi language support is a must.


This is actually shocking that for over a year, HubSpot has not made the simple addition of BEING ABLE TO CALL THE COMPANY PHONE # from the COMPANY PAGE WITHOUT A CONTACT!!  It should be under 'Call' and then press "COMPANY PHONE" and then it should automatically dial (no contact needed).  If you do have a contact, then obviously just click the contact on the left hand side of the company page.  Then that takes you from the company page to the contact's page and you can call the contact right there.  


PLEASE MAKE THIS SIMPLE ADDITION!  It is very very important to be able to call the company phone # without a contact, because of the intent of sales reps to call the company phone to find a contact/get a new lead!  That's what sales is all about!


Hi Guys 

Hubspot has listened to us and now they put the request to planning. 

At the same time, we all know that we also need in the beginning to contact companies by email using the generic email of a company. 

If  you agree please visit and upvote the idea and also put your own comments. 

Thanks in advance everyone.