Heat Mapping A/B Tests

I think it would be great idea for HubSpot to either add a heatmapping feature within their platform that allows users to heatmap A/B tests especially. Currently we cannot do this because the two variations are on the same url. Otherwise, I would like to see HubSpot split the two variations on slightly different urls so that they can be heat mapped using a third party tool. This would provide us with valuable insight that we cannot currently gather on our A/B tests.

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I agree. It would be greatly helpful if HubSpot would either:

A) Provide a heatmapping feature of their own.

B) Incorporate some sort of heatmapping integration with another software. 

C) Simply allow us to differentiate URLs between A and B pages of your test.


We currently use Hotjar to heatmap our website pages, and we're disappointedly unable to use their heatmapping tool for our HubSpot A/B tested pages. When we reached out to HubSpot support they reccomended we run the A/B test, select a winner, and then heatmap the winning page... which doesn't really help since your heatmap should instead be contributing to your decision of which page is the winner.