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It would be great to have a Heat Map feature on Hubspot Analytics. Seeing where users click when they navigate a website is essential and, at the moment, there is no tool that works properly in Hubspot landing pages.

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I also would appreciate a feature like this. A HTML click map like the one that exists for emails would be very helpful to analyze the click behaviour of visitors and to see which links and CTAs perform well on a web page. With such an overview that tells you how many users clicked on which CTA/link, we could analyze our web pages in a much better way. For us it would be important for all kinds of pages (landing pages, webiste pages and blog pages).


Right now we have to track the conatct activity regarding page views for every single user to get an idea how visitors browse our website.


Also for us this would be top priority feature. how many upvotes needed until done?



Would be good for also instead of having to have a third party platform just to havee it all in one place




^Agreed. Trying to integrate with different platforms makes reviewing this difficult. Single pane of glass reporting!

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Thank you for your feedback. My name is Davis, the product manager for marketing reporting.  We are not currently planning to build heat map functionality in HubSpot right now. That said, it is something we are considering exploring down the road.





I would love a feature like this. We are currently using a third party to run heatmap on our site so that we can evaluate the quality of the content on our pillar pages as well as others. Having it all in Hubspot would be a dream come true. 


Hi Camino,

You could try Hotjar integration with HubSpot. That would provide you with a heatmap and allow you to visualise user behaviour on your website. Visit HubSpot App Marketplace or alternately open an account on Hotjar and use the integration API there to link to Hotjar account with HubSpot


Hi FACTONadmin, 

I agree with your idea. A heatmap for emails would be great. While currently HubSpot email performance analytics shows how:

  • how many users opened an email
  • how many users clicked on a link (in numbers and in percentage)
  • how many user unsubscribed
  • time spent on an email once its opened - read (more than 8 seconds), skimmed (2-8 seconds) and glanced (0-2 seconds)

However, with an email heatmap, I am hoping, will allow a marketer to know at what point are users engaging wiht an email. That would help to know what an ideal length of an email should be.


Heat maps would be a valuable additon to Hubspot as most external heat maps cost a lot of money a month just for the add on.  It is always a challenge to get the full picture and ROI story out of Hubspot without adding on different programs.  Hubspot is supposed to be an all-in-one solution to manage, monitor and measure you website performance and seems to be lacking the final things to help you measure completely your whole marketing process.  

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This would be great. Curious as to why it isn't planned, I'd have thought it was pretty much key


I would like to see this too! 


The same basic feature as in the Emails would be an awesome addition! 🙂 

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This feature would be very helpful.

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It's a great idea! It is a valuable tool 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍


Even if not a formal heat map, a click map for blogs at the very least would be amazing–much like we have for the emails.

Without making every link or image in a blog post a formal CTA, it is difficult to identify how readers engage with the content. If the functionality exists for emails, hopefully it can be applied to blogs and maybe even landing pages 🙂

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This would be such a valuable addition! 1UP


Go for it!


Sorry to hear that  heat map functionality is not being planned for the near future.  However, I do agree with user hmhyland525. The analytic tools used for reviewing email activity are invaluable. How about porting those same tools over to the landing page and blog sections? Insights into how users are interacting with landing pages would prove extremely helpful.


Any chance of that functionality being replicated or ported over for landing pages and blog posts?

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Hello all! My name is Amanda, and I'm another product manager here at HubSpot who is thinking about/reviewing this request for heatmaps. I have a few questions I'd like to crowd source your opinions on:

  • If we were to add heatmaps for site pages (blog posts, web pages, LPs) to HubSpot, where in the tool would you expect to see them/where would be the most convenient spot for them to live?
  • How important is it for you to see clicks on negative/empty space on a page? Or do you only really care about link/button clicks?
  • Is it important for you to see the click activity of individual visitors/individual sessions one at a time? Or would you only look at overall click behavior across all users?
  • Would you want heatmap data for individual web pages? Or would you be interested in seeing most clicked buttons/links across your entire website?

Feel free to shoot me a DM if you'd like to talk about this in greater depth!

Thank you!