Having a Deal Column indicating Associated Contact



A number of times I want to know which contact is proving to be the most beneficial to my business. A great way of seeing this, I believe, would be to have a dedicated column on the Deals Table view displaying the Associated Contact name. 

Since there is always the budget of deal and close date indicated on the Deals page, having to know the person involved in the maximum potential revenue would be of great help - much like the value knowing the Company name provides right now.

I believe it would be even more valuable than the currently available property of seeing the 'Number of Contacts' associated with a deal.


I hope it is an idea worth considering.




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Hi @Nipun_Ansal  Thanks for posting this great suggestion and providing some excellent context. I'm goin to move this to our suggestions forum for further comment. 


Thank you, 

Ed Justen 

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Hi all, this has been resolved. You are currently able to add a column on your deals view of Associated Contact.

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That's great @SamanthaA / @edjusten .


Thank you for the update.