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Have the "Meeting Type" as mandatory before sending/saving

Raising this suggestion on behalf of a HubSpot customer. 

With contact creations and properties, it's possible to save the property as mandatory before saving the property. With Meeting outcomes can it be a feature that the Meeting activity can be saved until all of the options have been saved? For example, none of the meeting activities has a null value. 

I can see that a similar idea has been raised here: as well. 


Thanks so much team!

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We would like it too !


This would be extremely helpful for my team!


Thats will be great in order to haver better KPIS with complete information.




Yes, we like to track the outcomes of our meetings. What is scheduled, what was a no show, canceled. And it doesn't automatically default to any outcome. This can help with our internall process adherence as well.

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Yes! I have a customer who runs a large SDR team and wants to automate task creation based on Call outcomes. Call type is an essential extra filter as Activity properties cannot be used to re-enroll in workflows. It's not perfect, but with Call Type in addition to Call Outcome, I can at least create a workflow for every combination of the two.