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Have previous UI design of Hubspot

Is it possible to have the previous UI design of Hubspot? 

I see it looks different today and I really do not like it as it much less intuitive.
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It can be really frustrating when a page changes its design...


Once updated, I don't believe a page design can be changed. Even though it might be hard to get used to it, it's not impossible. HubSpot Community claims their upgrades will always consider customers' opinions as well. Also, they'll make these developments having their client's interests in mind. I wish we'd be able to have the option of keeping an old page's design, but it would be too much of a headache. I learn ui design a while ago and trust me, and I know what I'm talking about. Therefore, I'd suggest you just get used to it, unfortunately! Anyway, I find the new design to be pretty cool 🙂