Have multiple company addresses from Branding to select from for Quotes




We wanted to implement Quotes as part of our sales process.  Overall, the functionality looks great and easy to use, apart from one thing - we can't edit our company address.

Our HQ is in Germany and this address is in HubSpot. But we also have an office in New York and our team out there should also be able to issue a quote as a separate entity.


It would be extremely helpful to be able to set up two addresses for issuing company and switch between them. 


I am also open to any suggestion and workarounds. I believe there are other users with a similar situation.

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May 18, 2020

Mar 5, 2019

Hey @agnsob! Thanks for submitting this idea! I wanted to point out, because it's not clear if you were aware, but your company address can be changed on an individual quote level during the creation process. When you click on your company in the "Your Information" section, a sidebar will expand where the information can be changed for that quote. I will leave this idea open to track the interest in having multiple entries in Branding settings though!

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I will echo what everyone said and say I need this feature as fast as possible. We run our Hubspot instance through our parent company that has 3 distinct divisions with separate names. We want to be able to quote as any of these 3 companies and not necessarily our parent company.


I would love to see Hubspot move fast on this.







Any update on when this can be implemented?






We are a parent company of 14 smaller life science brands... The inability to rebrand or change addresses for a global business is driving us a bit crazy.   

When working through the three templates I understand having mulitple custom templates is not available right now.  A simple implementation for us with multiple locations/units would be to choose from a drop down list of pre-loaded emails (like if you were checking out anywhere) and better be able to select which image to be shown for the "sending company"
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Hi @KezzaM ,


Thanks for reaching out to the HubSpot Community.

Am I correct to say that this is a product feedback? If so, I can move this post to the Ideas Forum so that the other Community users can find this post easily and give upvotes. Let me know!


Dear Hubspot Team,

I concur with the previous replies, the drop down functionality with name, address and ideally logo would be a great time saver + quality insurance feature. 

Many thanks in advance



A drop down with multiple company addresses is much needed for absolutely any company with offices in multiple countries.


We send out numerous quotes everyday out of each of our locations. Having to retype our address everytime with each quote is frustrating. 


@dnelson or @anyonefromHubSpot is there any feedback on this. 


The same issue has been raised many times. It has now been in reveiw for 9 months. Is any direction available?



I noticed that this request is still being reviewed since May 2020, so I just wanted to add a new note in 2021 that companies are still looking for this option. 

I know that the company address can be changed manually in the quote, but it does create more work for the sales associate and more importantly, it gives an opportunity for errors to be made when something is in free type rather than a drop down option.


Thanks for your consideration!



Echoing everyone else's sentiments. As a company with several brands/subsidiaries, we need the option to create quotes for each subsidiary without having to manually change the default branding/logo each time. Please implement ASAP.


Glad to see this is on the radar, but extremely disappointing that such a simple fix has been so long in coming. As the sub corp of a larger parent company, it is quite frustrating to try and build our individual brand within these constraints. The work around that was provided by support (of manually changing our default logo/address/name each time we send a quote and then changing it back) is cumbersome, time consuming, and inadequate. Come on, Hubspot, let's get this done already!


Add us to the list of businesses with multiple addresses and branding needed for quotes.


We strongly need this option too! Address isn't so important for us but the Logo is. We currently have multiple brands within our group using HS and this works perfectly with things such as the Email branding and Website brand (We use CMS Hub and have additional brand domains) so you'd think it'd be a given that this would work in a similar way for quotes. Having the ability to have the quotes on your own domain would also be beneficial rather than a HS domain. 


Add us to the chorus of companies that would love to see this implemented as soon as possible. This is currently causing us problems and has us seeking less desirable solutions outside of HubSpot.


This would be a cool function to make offers easier and more consistent.


I would like such a feature as well, for example a drop-down list of predefined "from" addresses or a separate address for each user. Manual changing the "from" address takes for each quote takes too much time and can cause mistakes.


Yes, we absolutely need this. We can't really use the quote tool until this feature exists as we can't really expect from one of our sales teams to manually adjust each quote. Thanks in advance


When is this going to be implemented?


At the very least you should be able to associate a Field Office to a User's profile so it pulls the default setting through to the quote screen.

In addition, on the quote screen there available entitiesl should be listed and a user can select a relevant outlet/office to override the default selection above.


We are deploying Hubspot across our global software business and this is a basic but big gap that needs to be closed ASAP. 


It would be great to have a dropdown where we can select one option among different addresses/companies. We really need that.