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Have multiple company addresses from Branding to select from for Quotes



We wanted to implement Quotes as part of our sales process.  Overall, the functionality looks great and easy to use, apart from one thing - we can't edit our company address.

Our HQ is in Germany and this address is in HubSpot. But we also have an office in New York and our team out there should also be able to issue a quote as a separate entity.


It would be extremely helpful to be able to set up two addresses for issuing company and switch between them. 


I am also open to any suggestion and workarounds. I believe there are other users with a similar situation.

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Same here. We have 4 sites and need to send quotes with given company address. We want one central customer, contact, deals, area for tracking cross boundaries opportunities, but need to send quotes with according site information.

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Is there a status on this? I have a few clients who need this!!

HubSpot Product Team

Hi all - My name is Tori and I am the Product Manager taking over ownership of our quotes tool. I know it has been a little while since we've provided an update here. We do have some exciting news to share, this feature is now in Open Beta as a part of the Custom Quote Templates beta. This beta will allow admins to create custom quote templates that support multiple locations along with other custom content.


Here is a a little more information on the Custom Quotes beta.


What does this mean? 

Beta participants can create custom quote templates using our default templates or templates created for them by a developer. 


What features does this include?

This beta allows user to:

- Add/remove/changing text, images, videos, links, files etc on a template

- Add/remove columns to the line item table (including images!)

- Show/hide modules of the template 

- Add personalization tokens to templates

- Show/hide total, subtotal, and additional fee sections

- Update colors and fonts
- Associate a domain with a template


Who is eligible for the beta? 

All Sale Pro and Enterprise portals are eligible to join the beta. 


How can you access it?  

You can now request beta access by contacting your customer success manager. If you are unsure of who your CSM is, please contact


Thank you all for your patience here. We appreciate your feedback! 


When attempting to create a new template using the "Original" as a starting point, the formatting, column width, etc. follows the "Modern" report template. Can you have this updated?

HubSpot Product Team

Hi all, Tori here. I’m excited to announce that adding multiple addresses to quotes is now supported in our new Customized Quote Template tool. 


Users can now add addresses to customized quote templates via personalization tokens or by adding an address to a rich text module in the quote template editor. 

To learn more about our custom quote template tool, click here.

HubSpot Product Team

Hi all, Tori here. I’m excited to announce that adding files and images to quotes is now supported in our new Customized Quote Template tool. 


Users can customize our default quote templates in our no-code editor to add images, links, and even embed video. Developers can create quote templates using our CMS building blocks including our image and video modules to create robust proposal, quote, invoice, and contract templates.

To learn more about our Customized Quote Template tool, click here.


this is such a pain


We still cannot customize the address of the customer in the customzed quote template. There's only a check box to include the address or not. We need the ability to use the CONTACT address and not the COMPANY address. There are companies with 1 global address like Ford @ 1 American way, however the person receiving the quote is somewhere else at another global facility. We need the ability to have their address on the quote, not the company address.


Please allow personalization with tokens in the custom quote within the "Buyer Contact" 


One of our Clients would need that feature. They are a Company with some Daughter-Companies and also different Locations. It doesn't matter if used in Offers or Emails - where ever they would really need to switch between the brandings.