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Have multiple company addresses from Branding to select from for Quotes



We wanted to implement Quotes as part of our sales process.  Overall, the functionality looks great and easy to use, apart from one thing - we can't edit our company address.

Our HQ is in Germany and this address is in HubSpot. But we also have an office in New York and our team out there should also be able to issue a quote as a separate entity.


It would be extremely helpful to be able to set up two addresses for issuing company and switch between them. 


I am also open to any suggestion and workarounds. I believe there are other users with a similar situation.

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Hey @agnsob! Thanks for submitting this idea! I wanted to point out, because it's not clear if you were aware, but your company address can be changed on an individual quote level during the creation process. When you click on your company in the "Your Information" section, a sidebar will expand where the information can be changed for that quote. I will leave this idea open to track the interest in having multiple entries in Branding settings though!


hey @hroberts -- I am only seeing your reply now. 


Thank you so much. It is, indeed, possible now. I think it was not when I submitted this idea - I was sure I exhausted all possibilities. We also talked to our HubSpot CSM and she also was not aware of this. 


So, thank you! That solves it all for us. 


We have multiple locations around the world (Aus, UK, Sing, SA) and need our reps to adjust the company from address on the quote easily.


We'd like to have a drop down feature to allow the rep to choose which location the customer will be contracted to. This means multiple company info sections in Branding settings.


This is a must-have for any company with multiple offices 



It seems there is no option to generate quotes based on different brands when using the brand domain add-on.

As well, maybe as a temp solution, the logo can be easily changed.

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The Enterprise Hub brings a lot of features but for a client who has multiple companies and domains, the quote feature falls short in the ability to specify the company sending the quote to the customer based on the HubSpot user team, branding settings for each domain, and/or the ability to even edit the quote templates. 


Not having this feature creates confusion and deters the HubSpot user from using the quote feature. 


It would be helpful if there was a section similar to Settings --> Marketing --> Email --> Configuration --> Footer.  Then you could upload or input static company information for the quote (the logo and color scheme) and it would populate a new template for each company. Then as a sales rep was developing a quote they would simply choose the company template and move through the rest of the process. Leading to further buy-in from the users and higher switching costs for the client. 



I completely agree with the above. It is pretty time consuming and easier to miss when you have to edit each individual quote. A drop-down box forming part of the workflow to automatically allow for site specific branding/ info is definitely required please!


Adding my reply to bump this up, see if there are any updates. Love the functionality and cleanliness of the quotes, but it's time consuming to type in the address for each quote when not using the default main office location address.


Hi there, I just wanted to comment to say that our company would use this tool as well - we have 3 main AMT sites, and so it would be very beneficial, and prevent confusion, if we were able to add addresses for these sites to each quote. I'm aware we can change this for each quote but this means that half of our sales staff have to update this when quoting.


Hi there, we need this functionality now. We have 3 teams and looking to add another and at the minute we dont use the quotes featuere because it is restrictive. @hubspot when will this feature be ready?


Thanks for your help 




Want to also add that we would love to have that feature implemented. We have 1 subsidiary in the US and currently, we have to use 2 different portals so that the subsidiary can quote using its own address and logo. @hroberts , we would really love to have the option for multiple company logo/address added to the quote feature so we can move them to the main account. Thanks for your help.




Couldn't agree more, although we do not have the 'multiple address' issue, we have a 'multiple branding' issue. We can't really use the quote feature as the logo is not removable on any of the templates. Really hope HubSpot is working on this!



We have the same problem...


We have offices in multiple countries, and we need a simple solution so that the sales teams do not make a mistake in making the quote and send it with the information of the company from another country.

This greatly discourages sales teams and they constantly complain about it. It is not a complex fix to implement and would be very useful. We need it ASAP!


As mentioned earlier, something similar to the footer configuration but in the Acount Defaults > Branding section it would be ideal.




Same need here for being able to customize branding of the quotes.

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Definitely need this update. We have multiple offices and the reps have to manually enter address everytime they create a quote. This is bound to cause an error.


Definately need this, there are so many companies that have multiple offices.

We are a medium sized business with offices in 3 different states.


Unfortunately using a 3rd party app that is handier with multiple addresses for quote preparation. It affects badly to deal analytics.

We have three offices worldwide in different countries and the lack of this feature really prevents us to use HubSpot Quote at the best efficiency. Manually changing the address in multiple text boxes at quote edit is not a thing Salesperson can deal with it everyday at dozens of offerings...


This needed to be done yesterday.   We are brining on a global company with 13 brands and multiple offices and were assured at the time that this wouldn't be an issue.   Its as simple as the first stage of a quote the sales team can choose which brand template they want to use- then the images, colours and email address would be autopopulated.   Can we please have an update on when this can be implemented?