Have an About section under custom objects like contacts


The facility to have an About section under the custom object to be able to see the properties you need is not available.  This means all the team have to have the same properties and cannot change the order.   

It would be great if it could work the same as contacts About section. 

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Yes - great idea! There's a customizable "about" panel on the left of a "Contact" screen so you can see different properties to colleagues as is relevant to you personally. But on the custom object main screen (in our case a "Application" for a school place) there's no customisation meaning I have to see the default view, even though some of these custom object properties are just not relevant - takes time scrolling around finding the pertinent ones then!


This would be really helpful for us - great idea!


Would be very helpful and time saving.


I agree, this would be very useful. 

Also, the ability to use the 'HubSpot team' field (typically found in the About section) in custom objects.