Have actions cloned in bulk in workflow


To clone actions in workflow is not easy for bulk cloning. Pls check the recoding for this issue.


I believe it would be better to have a bulk cloning function.

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Scenario: we add a sales rep or have other reason to make an additional branch in a workflow we often want to maintain the actions and timing used in existing branches.

Currently, we have to build out all the actions manually to mimic what we already have built in the other branch. OR we create an entirely new workflow by cloning and then making the new branch in the 'parent' workflow enroll into this new workflow

Both existing options are not ideal for efficiency and for tracking.

Solution: Allow an entire branch of actions to be cloned into another if/then branch of the same workflow. OR at least allow for multi-select of actions to be cloned. Either would be better than the time-consuming task or cluster of workflow options we have now.