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Have a sequential deal number created each time a deal is created

This would essentially allow us to create a unique job number with each new deal. It would be so useful and would then be used as the root for a whole range of quotes and orders.

There is a similar request here which is marked as resolved. However this is NOT true. The problem solved is a unique ID to avoid duplication, NOT a sequential 4/5 digit number increasing with each new deal created.


I really would like a sequential , human useable number to be generated with each new deal within a range of contexts i.e. across company or within a given pipeline etc.

I'd like to be able to set the seed number i.e. a 5 digit number starting 10000.

I'd definitely want the number to be available to add to the deal title when it is created.

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I appreciate that is a real frustration @LinzThompson, but I guess that's the point of the Starter. HubSpot are good at what they do - including offering very good free/cheap solutions that are designed so that at some stage you will find a pain point so you upgrade.


If it's any consolation, you can create a private app with the starter version which has a webhooks option. You could then send a webhook to PowerAutomate (included in your Office 365 licence) which can then use the API to do something clever - like look up the next number from a spreadsheet and update a property in HubSpot. I've not done it as most of our clients are Pro/Ent but might be interesting to solve for this if there was enough demand.


If you are interested in investing some time for us to try it, then get in touch at  - but tbh, at some point you may end up upgrading to Pro for other reasons and then you'll have it anyway.


Good Luck.

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The absence of this feature is incredibly frustrating. We are relying on our sales team refreshing the page then manually assigning a sequential deal number when creating a deal. Massively prone to human error. 


This really should be built in.


That said, we've been using the paid add-on Sequential and it works very well. It's critical that we have automatic, sequential order numbers applied to each of our deals, and Sequential allows us to customize this number to the specific format we were using prior to HubSpot so there isn't a whole new process.


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