Have a sequential deal number created each time a deal is created


This would essentially allow us to create a unique job number with each new deal. It would be so useful and would then be used as the root for a whole range of quotes and orders.

There is a similar request here https://community.hubspot.com/t5/HubSpot-Ideas/Deals-Automatically-Associate-A-Consecutive-Number-To... which is marked as resolved. However this is NOT true. The problem solved is a unique ID to avoid duplication, NOT a sequential 4/5 digit number increasing with each new deal created.


I really would like a sequential , human useable number to be generated with each new deal within a range of contexts i.e. across company or within a given pipeline etc.

I'd like to be able to set the seed number i.e. a 5 digit number starting 10000.

I'd definitely want the number to be available to add to the deal title when it is created.

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This is really the only thing stopping my company from investing in an upgraded version. 

The "Seed number" idea is great.

So is the ability to natively add the number to the "Deal name"


We would also definitely find this feature incredibly valuable.


We migrated over from Salesforce, and they have an out of the box field called "auto-number" that lets you set an initial value and +1 on filter criteria (ie, add the number when a new opportunity/deal is created or closed or whatever you want. Super helpful to create Order Numbers that flow through from sales to service. 


Yes It's not hard, but hubspot don't seem interested in user friendly
features often.


Any news on this idea - I can see it's been requested since 2017