Have a sender Nice Name for Emails sent from "Conversations Inbox"

Hubspot has this nice new "Conversations Inbox" that helps team handle non-personal emails like "contact@company.com" or "support@company.com". Each inbound email is like a ticket, who gets an owner. We like that but...


We miss a simple, high impact feature: we can't define a sender nice name. The sender name that the recipient sees is not right:

- Currently: recipient sees "contact@company.com"

- What we want: recipient sees "Company - Contact (contact@company.com)"


Could you please get this fixed?



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Oh yes ! It's a big mistake from Hubspot ! When we have a conversation with a costummer, the personalisation is so important ! When my clients receive emails from the team, the sender name is very important... 

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Agreed, this is very important for us.

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Am amazed something like Sender Name is missed. Hubspot please help fix this!

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agreed, needs fixing urgently

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Yes is a missing feature !

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
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We're exploring a couple of options on approaching this functionality. For folks on this thread - which of the following would you expect to be used as a "Friendly" From name:

  1. The name of the person responding to the customer.  (I.e "Max" or "Max Freiert")
  2. A  customized name that is tied to the email address where the customer sent the email. (I.e if a customer sent an email to sales@company.com, the From name would be something like "Sales Team" or "Company Sales"
  3. Something else?


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For us the ability to set the friendly name when we connect a support inbox in the "connect team email" would be ideal.


@mfreiert best seems to me to have that as an option in settings. Radio button, "set nice name to be nice name of email being used / of user". If I had to choose I would pick email being used but I am not an expert of service saas so I'd say it's best to see how more service focused saas are doing.


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Option 2 would be most helpful for us. We would like to show the name of our company although our customer service email is "hello@company.com". Would be great to get timing on this upgrade as well. Thanks!

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

This is now live to all HubSpot users! 

You can customize a “from” name in the Conversations Inbox from either:

  1. the assigned agent & company or team name
  2. the company or team name