Have a reply address different from the sender address in an emailing

When sending an email from the marketing side, we'd like to send emails from a certain address, but have an option to have replies come into another email inbox.

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 Please integrate this - it's standard on the lowest level email platforms. As stated in another comment, our CEO should not have to deal with sale email replies and forward them back to the marketing team - especially considering the comparative cost of Hubspot.

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We need the ability to send emails from one email address, but to set a separate reply to address. It's common in most email marketing softwares, not sure why we don't already have it.

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Yes, we REALLY could use this function! Many email systems offer this function, and I really really miss it in HubSpot. We often want to send event invitations from our President, for example - but he shouldn't have to deal with the replies!

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I currently have to set the email address and sender name as from different people and it's confusing the hell out of my customers. Can this please be a thing?

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+1 for this! Very simple functionality that would make a big difference over here. 

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My team is currently having this issue:


We DO NOT currently have the ability to set a default "From" email address when we write to a customer from the CRM.


It creates this issue:

- If we FORGET to change the default adress to the desired one, this is what happens:

- Currently, the default "FROM" email address is set to every user's own work email address (personalname@...com)

- If we forget to change the default "FROM" email address to the customer support email address - general customer support email address being: support@....com, than we will not be notified when customer responds + the response will fall into the user's personal email inbox. 


At our company, we prefer a short response time OVER having always the same person responding to a customer.  


Of course, we try and remember to always set the FROM email adress to the support@...com email when writing to a customer....but we all know how hectic a day can be and even though we make the effort to remember...sometimes my team just forgets and it causes this issue.


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This is critical. Please implement. Even MailChimp and Act-On have this basic feature. Thanks!

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Any movement on this, Hubspot? I find it hard to believe even the free email platforms have had this from day one and you can't integrate. Help us out.

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This is extremely important for us. I'm really surprised this doesn't exist. We used this extensively in Marketo and it's very upsetting that we can't do so here.