Have Products/Quotes directly connected to Products/Subscriptions in Stripe


We love the opportunity of this feature!


However, we won't be able to fully implement the Quotes and Payment from the quote until we can directly connect the selected Product on the Quote to a Product/Subscription in Stripe.


From a sales perspective, heck yes, we want to be able to just "take the money," but from a broader business perspective, we need to be able to have those payments correctly allocated to our subscriptions and products, mainly for reporting purposes. 


It feels like it's "so close"... but not quite ready for businesses to be able to fully implement this feature. Please help!

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Posting on behalf of a customer:


Currently for each Quote we generate and pay with Stripe (for a single product), it creates a new product in Stripe, instead of creating additional pricing plans within a single product.


Our pricing is naturally very flexible so this is quickly going to get out of hand. We would like to have it reflected as a single product in Stripe instead, regardless of the pricing plan.


Ideally HubSpot can load products that have been created in Stripe (where they belong to).


100% agree with the original post. Having a new product created in Stripe for every sale closed through a HubSpot quote is not what I would expect. I bought the SalesHub thinking that the Stripe integration would automatically sync my existing Stripe products, which would be a great feature. But to my great disappointment, the integration is basically useless as is, so I feel like I'm wasting my money.


If nothing else, it seems like I should at least be able to put the Stripe product ID in the SKU property for a HubSpot product. That way, every HubSpot product that has that SKU will know to "find or create" a price for that Stripe product using the HubSpot product attributes. This avoids the needless creation of new products and prices, and keeps things organized within Stripe for reporting purposes.