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Hashtag generator based on AI

Why not make the life of actual writers easier and instead of replacing their work with AI-generated fluff, actually assist them with very helpful functionalities such as a hashtag generator? 


If this could be localized for different platforms, languages, etc. it would be a dream to work with for any social media planing. The AI can simply take the text of the post and then generate fitting hashtags that the writer can then pick. 

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Love this idea! Especially if the suggested hashtags will also be based on popularity. The tool should suggest relevant tags that are also likely to actually get your post in front of more people. Don't suggest a hashtag that only gets like 5 searches per month, ya know? And it would be especially powerful if it could suggest relevant and active tags based on indsutry as well. For examples, #MedTwitter is generally used by industry professionals, and is likely reach your target audience more than just #medicine.