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Handle inbound / incoming calls in HubSpot

We currently have to use a service like Aircall to handle the inbound calls, which is not ideal. When you do the outbound calling from Hubspot it would make sense to also be able to handle the inbound calls and get them properly tracked, recorded, etc.

July 11, 2022 09:41 AM

@Flo_bi We cannot log inbound calls, missed calls, and voicemails for "Outbound phone numbers" because they happen outside of HubSpot and are routed through the external telecom or VOIP provider. If the VOIP provider has a marketplace integration, they can push the call logs into HubSpot. Otherwise, users need to use a HubSpot phone number. We will be expanding the phone number offering to additional countries, stay tuned here.

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May 03, 2022 11:58 AM

Hello HubSpot community! 

I am excited to announce that we now offer phone numbers and inbound calling! Dive into all the details here.


We know our job isn’t done and are already hard at work on the next round of features. This post encompasses a lot of different requests, this makes it hard to categorize feedback and share updates. We are going to mark this post as “delivered” and will open new threads for specific feature requests (and recommend you do the same).

Below are threads we have started for upcoming features. If they are important to you, I recommend upvoting and commenting on these pages.

Receive calls within the HubSpot  app

Manage voicemails in HubSpot

Port your existing phone number into HubSpot

Offer phone numbers in additional countries


Thank you for the continued feedback and support.

Happy Calling!

October 14, 2021 04:56 PM

Hi Everyone,

Good news! We are getting closer to offering inbound calling and we are looking for users to provide early feedback. If that is something you might be interested in, please fill out this form.


Thank you for all of the amazing feedback already provided and we look forward to growing together!

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June 16, 2021 06:10 PM

Hello HubSpot community! 

As @JoeMayall mentioned in his previous post, making HubSpot calling bi-directional to support inbound calls alongside our current offering of outbound calling is something we realize is important for our customers. Since the last update in October 2020, we have renewed our focus to offering this functionality. We do not have a concrete timeline or initial feature set that we're comfortable committing to quite yet. However, I am moving this idea to the "in planning" stage to better reflect our increased commitment, as we currently are researching and prioritizing the work required to add inbound calls natively to HubSpot. 

We'll continue to monitor the use cases and needs submitted on this thread and will post updates as we have them. Your patience and continued feedback is very much appreciated as we work towards delivering a solution! 

Thank you as always for your continued feedback and support, it helps us build a better product.

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May 19, 2020 02:56 PM

We agree this is a big gap! We're in the early phases of developing a plan to bring Inbound calling support to HubSpot. We will update this issue with more infromation as we validate our approach to realizing this feature. 

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March 25, 2019 08:04 AM

We are planning on building an API to allow integrators to embed their calling functionality, including inbound calling, into HubSpot.


If you'd like to give our team feedback on how inbound calling should work, please fill out this form.


Anruf Eingänge Erkennung


Wenn ein Anruf eingeht sollte erkannt werden wer Anruft und sofort der Kontakt geöffnet werden.

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Thanks for sharing this idea.

The community forum is currently monitored only in english but I am happy to translate 

your great suggestion:


It would be great if incoming calls would automatically open the contact record of the caller in the CRM.



When someone calls us I log it as a call but it appears like an outgoing call.


I don't like writing as a note as notes can't be filtered.  An option to log incoming call would be great under log activity thanks. 


Right now when I get a call in I can only put "Connected" which throws off numbers about connecting to prospects. I want to distinguish if it is an inbound or outbound call.


I also think this would be great feature as it would everything seemless and minimze the chance of some calls falling thought the cracks and never being recorded.


I was just thinking about this, it would be nice to be able to log inbound calls as well as outbound. It would also be ideal if you could log calls through the mobile app, as with being a sales rep some, if not the majority of calls are made outside of the office. 




I second this enhancement. I looked for the option to select incoming as I was sure it should be there. It was not. Seems to be an oversight. Many times customers/contacts are the party to initiate a call. 




YES! This is an absolute mandatory must!


I was just thinking the same.

Inbound calls are more important calls to record as they have more value most times then outbound calls.

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We definitely need this! We have various clients whose leads prefer (withheld) phone calls instead of filling out contact forms (data privacy is a BIG issue in Germany). It's a pitty that we are unable to track those calls. It means that we cannot evaluate the real outcome of our inbound strategies...that's really frustrating. 


I also support for inbound call logging (especially if it can be automated using APIs from cloud voice providers like Dialpad)


Would also benefit to have the ability to log length of the call. This is automated when placing the call but nothing in place to log calls for incoming


Inbound call is a must feature in 2017 especially for inbound marketing tool


If you were to offer this service I could put all my telephonic communications through Hubspot, record all incoming and outgoing calls, at present, it we only get half the story.

And the automatic opening of the contact record when they call would be a godsend. Incidentally, I know of many software that do this already . 

Trouble is that is pretty much all they do well! 


I agree, calls should be made and received within hubspot. That can also enable caller ID wich can show us that this particular customer is calling instead of having to ask the customers about it or try to filter their number.


Inbound calling functionality really should be a feature of this inbound sales tool.  


 Yes, handling incoming calls would be great. Not only automatically logging the call and recording it but also bringing up the contact's record by matching caller ID as soon as they call. I kinda assumed that this would already be something that happened (silly me!).


Why can't the HubSpot app automatically note when an incoming or outgoing call matches a contact's phone number?  I don't understand why the call must be started from within the HubSpot app.


 We also need this. 


We need this as well. We just switched from Base CRM this week, but this may be a deal breaker for us. It's absolutely essential for us to receive and log inbound calls.