Handle inbound / incoming calls in HubSpot

We currently have to use a service like Aircall to handle the inbound calls, which is not ideal. When you do the outbound calling from Hubspot it would make sense to also be able to handle the inbound calls and get them properly tracked, recorded, etc.

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Handle inbound / incoming calls in HubSpotHubSpot Product Team
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We are planning on building an API to allow integrators to embed their calling functionality, including inbound calling, into HubSpot.


If you'd like to give our team feedback on how inbound calling should work, please fill out this form.

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Agreed, this is a neccessary feature. I suggest building an integration with RingCentral that could do the following:



1. An inbound call comes in it is answerable in HubSpot and the contact's info is shown

2. If a call is missed, that activity is logged to the Contact's record



3. If a voicemail is left, that activity is logged on the Contact record and the voicemail recording is available there

4. If an SMS message is sent, that activity is logged to the Contact record


I could see a RingCentral + HubSpot integration being a feature we'd pay for as well if it were available, but alas....


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This could be good for us to have too. Currently, there is no way to do this making reporting difficult as well as not providing a seamless journey for customers. Please consider this feature!!!

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The mobile app should montor the mobile phone logs in order to keep track of all incoming phone calls and upload that info to the Hubspot server. The app could also directly record conversations. 

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+1 from me

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Receive incoming calls, both in Sales and Service, is a must. Hopefully it would be available soon.

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I haven't read through all the comments, but it appears Hubspot doesn't accept incoming calls natively through their platform. In addition to the requests for this feature, I'd like to add that when using a third-party solution like AirCall or Toky, you cannot log the inbound calls correctly. They appear as outbound calls and therefore are not tracked properly. It has something to do with the limitations of their API. Hopefully, if they solve one of these issues, both will be solved.

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Just reading through these ideas and thought I'd let people know about our new HubSpot integation that is currently in beta.


Our integration works by automatically logging and tagging calls that have been made or received using a VoIP landline directly into HubSpot. We plan to add mobile calls as well in the future. As well as logging the call we also attach a link in HubSpot to the call recording and a transcription of the call.


Having a transcription of the call is a real game change for businesses that make lengthy phone calls as it means that if we need to listen back to the call we don't have to spend 20-30 mins scrubbing back and forth, we can just skip to the bit of the call we are interested in. We have also recently added a feature that sends you an email as soon as the call is complete and allows you to tag the call without having to switch back into HubSpot. 


If anyone is interested in this, then please feel free to drop me an email

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 Thanks @ThreadsHelp2018 but which company are you from?

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Hi @Bryce


Details for getting in contact were in my post. If you would like further information on our beta you can email me at threads@jpy.com. Thanks! :-)