Handle inbound / incoming calls in HubSpot


We currently have to use a service like Aircall to handle the inbound calls, which is not ideal. When you do the outbound calling from Hubspot it would make sense to also be able to handle the inbound calls and get them properly tracked, recorded, etc.

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+1 on this


What are apps that you guys use for inbound calls? I see Hubspot has a long list of products that I assume are integrated, can anyone recommend one that does inbound calls ok? Or that would be good to use overall.




Hi Madalin, 


It's Plats here ~ your welcome to have a look at Cradle through the below link:




It would all depend on your requirements but I'd like to think Cradle's inbound call routing functionality is seamless with HubSpot. 


A phone experience should be simple, delightful and a pleasent experience for both parties. At Cradle we've have designed this process to be painless. The integration is one-click, contacts can be routed directly to their contact owner, the soft phone uses information about the contact to bring up an enriched caller id for incoming calls so teams know exactly whos calling and what stage of the lifecycle the contact is at and with HubSpot's ability to run automations and reporting, because all of the data from the inbound calls is captured through Cradle within HubSpot you're able to setup some pretty incredible solutions to have a really awesome phone experience 🙂


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Hey folks,

I wanted to hop in and give you a quick update on this thread.


Inbound calling has been a feature we’ve been exploring for some time. While we’re committed to delivering Inbound calling,  it is a highly complex project that we’ll be working towards well into next year.  We’ll continue posting updates to this thread as we have more concrete information.


Despite this being In Planning, I am moving it to Being Reviewed to better reflect the state of development. Our primary goal is always to be transparent about where Ideas stand, and Being Reviewed better reflects the status of this Idea. (More information about our status can be found on the Ideas Forum Users Guide)




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cradle didnt work in sweden,  had a phone company that handle phone switch.


it either showed i called myself, bissy line ..


how hard is it?


client call 


office -> sales -> connect switch nr -> cradle -> saleperson




Anruf Eingänge Erkennung


Wenn ein Anruf eingeht sollte erkannt werden wer anruft und sofort der Kontakt geöffnet werden.


--> Stimme ich voll und ganz zu!


It will be great to have inbound calls, automatically linked to the contact profile.
allowing inbound calls being manually logged would be the bottom line of the calls log feature.


Yes, incoming calls would be ideal!  We are looking to have Hubspot be our ultimate go to place, so incoming calls would help.  And if there could be different extensions in this too, for our different departments!


@JoeMayall Hi, is there any update on the status of this idea? Or a date in 2021 this feature is likely to be available?


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+1. We're both inbound and outbound. The ability to handle incomming calls, set a dedicated reception hunt group then general hunt group, and be able to transfer calls between reps would be a serious feature and make the CRM feel "complete".

Currently a different phone system is needed alongside the HubSpot one which gives a really poor experience.


I definitely like the idea. Maybe it would be a first step to implement that into the HubSpot-App for mobile phones. Seems easier to me.


Hi @JoeMayall, I don't suppose there is an update on this that I may have missed? 


Any status update on this?


We currently use Aircall for inbound calls, Hubspot for outbound calls and then customers are typically calling sales people's cellphones directly...


Would love to consolidate down to one platform. At this point it seems Aircall can do it for us. Is this anywhere on the horizon?


Kixie can also do inbound/outbound + SMS and work with the Hubspot automations. 


@jshinela Interesting! Does Kixie offer inbound call source UTM tracking?


We create different phone numbers and assign different numbers to different ads. Not sure if that is what you mean


It would be great if such a feature could also support inbound call assignment to owners. 

Zoom has a feature to open a browser link for incoming calls with some variables. Would you be able to offer a link structure which supports something like this?
zoom calling.png

Hello everyone, 


Calling is still believed to be the fastest way to get engangement from your leads/clients. And as we see, it would be a lot better if your team can comfortably use Hubspot in doing both inbound and outbound calling as it will always create a big impact on your productivity. 


So I say, give Aloware a try. A fast-rising all-in-one contact centre software allowing users to have a seamless integration with CRMs such as Hubspot in Calling for Leads. 


Ring a bell? Check this out:






Would recommend to go with a Solutions which works on mobile devices as well. Sales and service is also a big part of HubSpot. A contact center web solutions is not enough as sales and service I many organizations are on the go. It would have to work through the app as well, work with CarPlay and so on…


A built-in inbound call feature would be very useful for my company. We would absolutely upgrade to utilize this service if its comparable to other inbound calling systems.

One feature idea is if you can create call scripts based on the call type. So when you answer the call then select the call type, a pre-written script will pop up either in the call log box or elsewhere possibly the option to include required fields to populate. This would be a wonderful training tool.